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5 Easy Steps To Install Android Apps on Roku TV (2023)

Android Apps On Roku TV

3.3 million.

That’s the total number of Android apps. 

But what matters are the few apps you want to install on your Roku TV.

And how can you do that exactly?

Read on to learn:

  • 4 amazing features of Roku’s mobile app.
  • 5 most popular android apps on Roku TVs.
  • Easy steps to install android apps on your Roku TV. 
  • And much, much more… 

Does Roku TV have an Android app?

Roku TV has an android app.

It’s called the Roku mobile app.

And it’s available in 17 countries. That includes:

  • France.
  • Ireland.
  • Mexico.
  • Canada.
  • United States.
  • United Kingdom.

It has also 4 available languages, namely:

  • French.
  • English.
  • Spanish.
  • Brazilian Portuguese.

But what does it do?

The app allows you to easily control any Roku device, including your Roku TV.

And what’s awesome is that you don’t need a remote or any other device.

Just pick out your mobile phone from your pocket and install it from the play store. 

And take note that it’s free. So you don’t have to worry about a monthly subscription.

That said, you can have your phone as your ultimate streaming companion.

Roku mobile app features

#1: On the go search

We all have at least experienced this once in our lives:

The feeling of not knowing what to watch.

You’re sitting there, staring at your TV blankly.

Waiting for a movie idea to pop up in your head.

And I know, it’s frustrating and time-consuming.

But don’t worry. 

The Roku search engine is here to help you. 

Its fast technology can help you find the right movie. 

Discovering shows, TV series, and actors is simple with Roku Search. 

You see, Roku Search tells you where a content is on any of the Roku platforms. 

Be it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Crackle, VUDU, and HBO GO. 

Simply type in your favorite genres, and Roku Search will direct you to your choice.

#2: Quick volume control 

Have you ever accidentally woken up your whole family in the middle of the night?

Just because of your TV volume? 

Well, I have. 

Then I got scolded the next day.

So I advise you to be mindful of your TV’s volume.

But the problem is, you always forget where your remote control is.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution to that.

So what you can do to avoid waking up your family again is to use the Roku app’s remote control feature. 

Instead of looking for your TV remote. 

Just use your own phone and hop on the app.

Click maximize or minimize the volume. 

This way, you won’t disturb your dear sleeping housemates.

#3: Works with voice assistants

Now, have you ever gotten tired of endless typing? 

Well, if you have…

Then you can use Roku’s voice command feature. 

Just go to the Remote screen and follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Remote icon from the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Select the Voice button with a microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Speak into your mobile device at a normal volume.
  4. Then tap the middle of the screen when you’re done talking. 

Or you can also go directly to Search by following the instructions below:

  1. Click the Search box that has a magnifying glass icon from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the Voice with a microphone icon in the search box.
  3. Speak into your mobile device at a normal volume.
  4. Then tap the middle of the screen when you’re done talking. 

Note: The first time you use voice command, the Roku mobile app will ask to access the microphone. Grant permission for it to start. 

But remember, the voice search feature is only supported in languages such as:

  • English.
  • German.
  • Spanish. 
  • Portuguese.

So to change the language on your Roku device, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Click on System. 
  3. And choose your preferred language.

#4: Screen sharing 

You can also pair your Roku TV and phone through the app. 

This way, you can share and enjoy photos and videos from your mobile device. 

Here’s a list of file types that are supported by the Roku app:

  • Music: MP3 and M4A.
  • Photos: JPG and PNG.
  • Video: MP4, MOV, M4V.

To do that, you must connect your phone to the same connection as your Roku TV.

Here’s a guide on how to use Play on Roku:

  1. Launch the Roku mobile app on your phone.
  2. Pair your Roku TV with the mobile app.
  3. Tap Devices from the navigation bar.
  4. Tap your Roku TV.
  5. Launch Play on Roku by selecting the Media photos button.
  6. Select either Music, Photos, or Videos. 
  7. Grant access to your media library.
  8. Choose the photos, videos, or songs to share on your TV.

Now you can use the screen of your TV instead of your phone. 

How to install Android apps on Roku TV – 5 steps

Method #1: Using your Roku TV remote

Step 1: Press Home on your Roku remote

Press Home On Roku Remote

The button is represented by a house image. 

But it’s different for some Roku Smart TVs. So refer to the manual guide if you have trouble finding the button.

Step 2: Tap on Streaming Channels to open the Channel Store

The Roku homepage has a lot of options. And you might get lost because of it. 

Just scroll until you see the Streaming Channels

And when you see it, select it for you to be directed to the Channel Store.

Step 3: Search for your desired app

The channel store has Roku Zones where you can choose an app by category. 

So try to find an app within it.

When you’re done, press OK to select.

Step 4: Tap the + Add channel button

Click this button to add the channel to your account. 

Note: If the app is free, go directly to step 5. 

Some apps require payment.

But don’t worry. Roku will guide you through the purchasing process.

If an app requires a payment, this button will read “Buy $X.XX.”

Step 5: Enter your account PIN

If your Roku account on the other hand has a PIN, you’ll need to input it at this time.

And there you have it… 

You can have your apps via your Roku TV available immediately.

Method #2: Using your Roku mobile app

Step 1: Install the Roku mobile app

The app is available to download on iOS and Android devices. 

When you’ve located the app, click Install.

Step 2: Select Channels from the app’s navigation bar

You can find the Channels tab through an icon of four small squares.

It’ll display all the channels added to your account. 

Then tap Channels Store from the menu on your screen. 

Step 3: Search for your desired app

Just like the first method, the channel store has Roku Zones where you can choose an app by category. 

So you can choose an app within the categories. 

When you’re done, press OK to select.


As you know now, the Roku mobile app is voice-enabled. 

So you can browse for apps/channels by speaking to your smartphone. 

Step 4: Tap the + Add channel button

Press it to add the channel to your account. 

Again, some apps require payment.

And Roku will still guide you through the purchasing process.

If an app requires a payment, this button will read “Buy $X.XX.”

And, if your Roku account has a PIN, you’ll need to input your PIN at this time.

Step 5: Wait for 24 hours

When you use the Roku mobile app, it doesn’t automatically install your apps. 


Because Roku will only check every 24 hours for any apps added online. 

Then that’s the time it’ll install them automatically.

However, you can fasten the installation process by these steps:

Go to Settings > System > System update > Check now

Your newly installed apps should be available after. 

Method #3: Using a web browser

Step 1: Go to Roku online channel store.

Visit it on either your smartphone or computer.

Step 2: Sign in to your Roku Account.

Input your account details. 

Then select Submit in the bottom corner of the page.

Step 3: Search for your desired app.

Go to the Roku Zones and type an app you want to install. 

You can also tap Details next to an app to find information such as reviews, descriptions, images, etc. 

Step 4: Tap the + Add channel button.

Step 5: Wait for 24 hours. 

The most popular Android apps on Roku TVs

The most popular android apps on Roku TVs are Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime Video. What follows are Pandora and Hulu.

In a survey by TCL, a Roku-powered TV brand, they discovered what apps are the most popular on their TVs. 

So here are…

Top 5 apps on Roku TVs: 

#1: Netflix

Netflix is an American media services provider. It offers a wide variety of shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more. 

Everyone loves Netflix because of its top-tier screen quality. 

You can watch as much as you want, anytime and anywhere. 

Since 2018, people around the world have been using this app.

But did you know? 

The company has been around since 1999? 

It was only recently that people started shifting from cable TVs to online services. 

With consistency, they tried to improve their services to the people. 

And one of which is removing ads on shows. 

They also have an offline feature where you can download shows and watch them later offline.

You just have to pay for the monthly subscription which ranges from 9 to 19 dollars. 

So it’s no wonder it got the most popularity. Garnering 73% of US voters. 

#2: Youtube

Youtube comes next to Netflix with 51% of the votes. 

We all know that Youtube is a free video-sharing website. 

Here you can watch online videos and upload your own at the same time.

It was originally created in 2005. 

Now, Youtube is one of the most visited apps of all time. It has around 6 billion watch hours every month. 

Ever wondered why? 

Well, one reason why Youtube is so popular is because of the number of videos you can find. 

On average, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

So you don’t have to worry about finishing your video checklist. There’s always something new to watch.

#3: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video comes 3d with a far gap, with 36% votes.

It’s a streaming video service by Amazon. 

It also has membership fees like Netflix. 

However, it’s less expensive. The cost starts at 8 dollars to 14 dollars per month. 

Also, Amazon’s Prime Video has a modest, but varied, content catalog.

But Prime Video’s original content is one of its biggest appeals.

With shows that earned good acclaim and amazing awards, you’ll definitely enjoy binge-watching here.

#4: Pandora

Pandora got fourth place with 32% votes. 

Why is this? 

Well, Pandora is a music streaming service and app that you can use to stream music. 

What’s interesting is you can use the app on a variety of devices including your smartphone, tablet, PC, and TV. 

For only 4 dollars a month, you can have access to ad-free listening. 

All in all, Pandora gives you a personalized listening experience that’ll suit your taste. 

#5: Hulu

Hulu on the other hand got fifth place garnering 30% votes. 

Hulu is also quite the same as Netflix and Amazon Prime video, it’s a video streaming app. 

But unlike them, Hulu’s main focus is on releasing newer TV shows and original content rather than movies and documentaries. 

You can watch live news, entertainment and sports, Disney, and more here.

However, its main con is that it’s an ad-supported app. 

You can opt to pay 11 dollars if you want to remove these ads.

But if you don’t get annoyed easily by ads, the basic plan will be good enough for you.