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7 Steps To Use Chromecast With Bluetooth (2023 How-To)

Using Chromecast With Bluetooth

So you just bought a Bluetooth device with superb audio quality…

And now you’re wondering if it’ll work with your Chromecast.

Well, let me tell you. It will.

And the steps to pair them are much simpler than you can imagine.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 7 simple steps to use Chromecast with Bluetooth.
  • Whether it’s possible to use Chromecast without Bluetooth.
  • 5 effective fixes if your Chromecast won’t work with a Bluetooth device.
  • And much more…

How to use Chromecast with Bluetooth – 7 steps

Important note: Only the Chromecast with Google TV has a built-in Bluetooth functionality. So the steps below are for that.

But fret not if you own an older generation of Chromecast. There’s a simple workaround to connect a Bluetooth device to it. Just proceed to the Bonus section for the steps.

#1: Plug your Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port

See to it that you take note of the HDMI port number. There should be a label above or beside it. You’ll eventually need it when you change your TV’s input source later.

#2: Turn on your Chromecast

Plug its adapter into an outlet to power it on.

#3: Go to the correct input source on your TV

Remember the HDMI port where you plugged your Chromecast? Now, go to its corresponding TV input.

For example, if you connected your Chromecast to HDMI port number 1…

Then switch the input source to HDMI 1.

On most TV remotes, you can do it by pressing either Source or Input.

Once you’re on the right source, you should see the Google TV menu on your screen.

#4: Set your Bluetooth device to pairing mode

Whether you’re connecting a headphone or a soundbar to Chromecast… 

You should set it in pairing mode. 

Otherwise, your Chromecast won’t be able to discover it.

The way to go to pairing mode differs per gadget. But for most devices, it’s just a matter of pressing and holding one of their built-in buttons.

You may refer to your Bluetooth device’s manual on how to do it.

#5: Go to the Google TV’s Remotes & Accessories menu

Step #1: Grab your Chromecast remote. And then use it to navigate to your profile picture on the right-most part of the screen.

Step #2: Select Settings.

Step #3: Scroll to the bottom and select Remote & Accessories.

#6: Pair your Bluetooth device with your Chromecast

Step #1: Once you’re on the Remote & Accessories menu, just click Pair remote & accessory.

Your Chromecast should start searching for nearby devices. Again, ensure that your Bluetooth gadget’s on pairing mode.

Step #2: When your Bluetooth device appears on the right side of the screen, click it.

Step #3: A message will pop up asking to confirm the pairing. Click Pair to proceed.

#7: Check if the pairing was successful

At this point, your Bluetooth device should now be connected to your Chromecast.

However, it’s best to check if it’s working.

To do that, play any media file on your Chromecast. If the sound’s coming through your Bluetooth gadget, then the pairing was successful.

If not, you may repeat the steps and try pairing again.

Now, I’m sure a visual guide would also help a lot.

So here’s a short video on how to pair a Bluetooth device with a Chromecast:

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Bonus: How to use a Bluetooth device with an old-generation Chromecast

The 1st to 3rd-generation Chromecast players didn’t have Bluetooth functionality. So there’s no way to connect a soundbar or a speaker directly to it.

However, an easy workaround would be to just pair your Bluetooth device to your TV.

Basically, you’ll still be casting a video from your phone to Chromecast.

But instead of using your TV’s built-in speaker for audio…

You’ll be connecting an external Bluetooth device for sound instead.

Now, the guides below are for some of the best Smart TV brands. But the steps should at least be similar even with other brands. 

How to connect a Bluetooth device to a Samsung TV

  1. Press your Samsung remote’s Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose Sound.
  4. Click Sound Output.
  5. Set your Bluetooth device to pairing mode.
  6. Select Bluetooth Speaker List.
  7. When you see your device appear, click it.

How to connect a Bluetooth device to an LG TV

  1. Put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode.
  2. From your webOS’s home screen, select Settings.
  3. Select All Settings.
  4. Click Sound.
  5. Choose Sound Out.
  6. Click the Wireless Speaker option.
  7. Select Bluetooth Device.
  8. Click your device from the list.
  9. Go back to the Sound Out menu and select Bluetooth Device.

How to connect a Bluetooth device to an Android TV

  1. Press your Android remote’s Home button.
  2. Click the gear icon to open the Settings menu.
  3. Navigate to Remote and Accessories and click it.
  4. Set your Bluetooth device to pairing mode.
  5. Select Add Accessory.
  6. Click your device when it appears on the list.

Now, if your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity…

There’s another workaround. This time, you’ll need to use a Bluetooth adapter.

It’s a tool that you can plug into your TV’s Aux port. You can then connect your Bluetooth speaker to it. 

Here are some of the best Bluetooth adapters under $25:

“How exactly do you use a Bluetooth adapter?”

Simple. Just connect it to your TV’s headphone jack. Then press a button to set it to pairing mode. It’ll then automatically connect to any nearby Bluetooth device.

Can you use Chromecast without Bluetooth?

You can use Chromecast without Bluetooth. Casting from a phone to a Chromecast only needs a WiFi connection. And as far as the audio goes, you can use your TV’s built-in speaker for that. There’s no need to connect a Bluetooth device for the sound. 

Casting on Chromecast only works via WiFi. It’s not possible to do through Bluetooth.

And the 4th-gen Chromecast’s Bluetooth functionality is mainly for external speakers. It was added by Google to give users the option to enhance the audio quality while casting.

So Bluetooth isn’t necessary for Chromecast to work. But it does help enhance your viewing or listening experience.

And while the steps are simple to connect your Chromecast with a Bluetooth device…

The paring won’t always be successful right away. Sometimes, you’ll encounter issues during the process.

The good news, though?

There are easy ways to fix it.

And the following are effective fixes when you can’t pair a Bluetooth device with Chromecast.

#1: Ensure that your Bluetooth device is actually in pairing mode

The number 1 reason Chromecast can’t discover your gadget is it isn’t in pairing mode.

So you have to ensure that your device is ready to connect.

There are different ways to do that. And it really depends on the type of Bluetooth gadget that you have.

But let me give you some examples. 

If you’re trying to pair your Chromecast with your AirPods…

You’d need to put the AirPods back in their charging case. And with the case’s lid open, you’ll have to press and hold the Setup button.

For a soundbar like the Vizio V-Series

There’s a Bluetooth button that you need to press for 5 seconds. And when its indicator light turns red, it means it’s ready to pair.

So check with your device’s manual or the manufacturer’s website on how to do it.

#2: Power cycle your Chromecast and Bluetooth gadget

A glitch in either your Chromecast or Bluetooth device can also prevent the pairing.

Temporary malfunctions are normal for any electronic device. 

With Chromecast, some of its most common glitches include:

And they’re all easily solvable by power cycling. It’s another term for restarting or soft resetting.

This is how you can power cycle your Chromecast:

  1. Unplug its power adapter from the outlet.
  2. Disconnect the Chromecast from the TV.
  3. Wait for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Plug the Chromecast back into your TV’s HDMI port.
  5. Power it back on by reconnecting it to an outlet.

As for your Bluetooth device…

Just look for a power button to turn it off. And then wait for around 2 to 3 minutes as well before switching it back on.

Once you’ve power cycled both devices, try to pair them again.

#3: Move your Bluetooth device closer to your Chromecast

Another reason why your Chromecast and Bluetooth gadget won’t pair is the distance.

Bluetooth generally only works if the devices are within 30 feet (10 meters) of each other.

Anything farther than that, and you’d struggle to pair.

So see to it that your Bluetooth device’s within the ideal range.

Try to move it as close as possible to your Chromecast.

And then check the Google TV menu if your gadget’s now visible. 

#4: Turn off other nearby Bluetooth devices

Now, if you’ve already paired your Bluetooth devices to your Chromecast…

You may sometimes notice the sound cutting in and out of your device.

It’s another common Bluetooth issue with Chromecast. 

And the reason for that?

There are other nearby Bluetooth devices. So your Chromecast might be trying to connect to those instead.

That’s why you should ensure that there are no other gadgets with Bluetooth on.

So, double-check your phone or laptop. And see to it that the Bluetooth functionality’s switched off.

#5: Update your Chromecast’s firmware

Update Your Chromecast's Firmware

If your Chromecast’s firmware is outdated, you’ll run into many issues. And these include the inability to pair it with a Bluetooth device.

You see, Google releases Chromecast updates every few months. These normally include feature enhancements and bug fixes. 

So installing updates for your Chromecast can also help fix its Bluetooth issue. Here’s how to do it:

  1. From the Google TV home screen, select Settings.
  2. Choose System.
  3. Click About.
  4. Select System Update.

It normally takes 3 to 5 minutes for the process to finish. But it could be longer depending on the update’s file size.

After it’s done, you’ll receive a notification on your screen. You may then go back to pairing your Bluetooth device with your Chromecast.