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Should a Roku Stick Get Hot? 7 Device Safety Facts

Should A Roku Stick Get Hot

Roku sticks connect to your TV and let you watch a myriad of Internet content (paid and free) such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and HBO Max.

However, like all other electronic devices, they can run into an issue, such as overheating and malfunction.

Is that normal?

Roku sticks may get hot, and that’s normal to happen during use, especially for long periods. However, sometimes they get overheated and may even display an error message, or there may be signs of malfunctioning. In this case, immediately and carefully unplug the device.

Read the remainder of this article to learn more about the reasons for Roku sticks overheating. Also, find out what you should do about it!

Is It Normal for a Roku Stick To Get Hot?

It’s normal for a Roku stick to get hot, or any electronic device, especially for a streaming device like this. That’s because you constantly keep them connected to power even when you’re not using them—they don’t have on/off buttons. 

When you connect the Roku stick to your TV, it connects to your WiFi network to stream internet content.

So, it needs to process loads of data in seconds to offer you a seamless streaming experience.  

It’s more probable for those parts of the electronic devices that are more active to overheat during their work. 

These are technically called Hot Spots. Thermal energy accumulates in these spots and leads to the device overheating. 

Overheating in Hot Spots can impede the device from proper functioning and even cause damage.

An extremely hot device may burn out or even explode. 

Signs of an Overheated Roku Stick

As mentioned above, overheating can lead to malfunction in the device.

Other than feeling the actual heat of the device by touching it, you may find some other signs of overheating. 

For example, you may notice sluggishness, the audio dropping out, or issues with lip-syncing of the pictures.

In some cases, Roku may shut down completely. 

Besides, the white light on the front of some Roku devices (Roku Ultra and Express) may turn solid red.

If you see the red light is flashing, it indicates the device isn’t receiving enough power. 

You’ll also probably see a warning message on your TV’s right top corner, which says, “Your device is overheating.” 

Roku Device Safety Facts

Don’t panic if you noticed any of the above signs or touched the device and felt it’s too hot to be normal. 

Fixing the issue isn’t rocket science. You can try the simple steps below to cool down your device and use it again.

1. Unplug and Re-Insert the Roku Device

The first and most important thing you can do is unplug your Roku stick immediately. Then, put it in a cooler place to lower its temperature.

Be careful while unplugging the device since it can be very hot and hurt you. 

For about 10-15 minutes, let it cool down in a place where the air is flowing. Then take it back and reconnect it to power.

Use it for a few minutes to make sure it’s working correctly. 

If you still see an overheating alert on the screen or notice it’s getting hot again, repeat the step.

This is very unlikely, though, after the cool-down period.

You should repeat this step at least 3 times. If the device still gets hot or doesn’t work properly, we recommend you throw it away and get a new one. 

2. Change the Roku Stick Location

If you have the Roku stick in a place where air doesn’t flow or is too hot, you need to change its location.

So, remember to keep it away from any heating devices.

As a rule of thumb, any electronic device can overheat in cramped places, let alone the Roku sticks.

Make sure your TV room enjoys good ventilation and air can flow in it freely. 

3. Don’t Put Your Roku Device in a Closed Place

Another major reason for Roku sticks overheating is the lack of airflow.

Some people prefer to place the unit somewhere out of sight. They usually put the device in the TV table drawer or a cabinet, leading to its overheating. 

To avoid these types of problems, never put your Roku stick unit in a confined place.

4. Watch Out for the Roku Tempcheck Message

Roku Tempcheck is the warning message you see when the device is getting hot.

Besides, in its secret menu (cool, right?), you can check the temperature of your device.

To access this secret menu:

  1. Press Home 5 times.
  2. Press Fast Forward, Play, Rewind, Play, and Fast Forward, respectively.

Doing this will show Your Roku stick temperature on the top of the screen. 

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5. Don’t Place the Device Too Close to the TV

Don't Place Roku Too Close To The TV

One of the common reasons for Roku sticks overheating is their close distance to the TV.

TVs are large electronic devices equipped with fans to send out their internal heat. 

If you have your Roku too close to your TV set, your Roku stick can get overheated.

Put it a little further away from the TV where air flows and its heat can’t affect it. 

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6. Use an Extender

Related to the previous section, you can use an HDMI extender to put some distance between your Roku stick and the TV set.

An HDMI extender is a cable that allows you to move around your Roku stick and place it away from the back of the TV.

It also may help in better reception of WiFi signals because you can position the stick to be closer to the router

One end of the extender cable connects to your Roku device and the other to the TV. Hence,  devices can easily communicate together. 

As a Roku stick user, you can get one for free by visiting and registering on the official website

Here’s a great video that explains how to get a free HDMI extender for your Roku: 

No matter the reason, if you can’t get a free extender from Roku’s official website, you can order a good HDMI extender.

You may want to consider this UGREEN HDMI Extension Cable (available on It’s highly rated and relatively inexpensive. 

7. Keep Your Roku Device Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct sun can make any electronic device get hot, and your Roku stick is no exception to this. 

Never place it where the direct sun can reach it. It may severely damage it and even lead to the explosion of the device.

This precaution is vital because if you leave your device exposed to direct sunlight, it may set fire to your house! 

Bonus: Don’t Put Roku Device on Another Electronic Device

Stacking your electronic devices on top of each other can also cause overheating.

All electronic devices get warm during operation, and placing them on each other prevents heat from escaping. 

The heat of each device adds up, and they’ll get warmer.

As a result, your Roku will also get hot.

To avoid this, keep your devices separated and make sure enough air flows among them for proper ventilation. 

Final Thoughts

Roku sticks are excellent devices with loads of exciting features. However, overheating is a common issue reported about them. 

Although getting warm for such a long-used device is normal, getting too hot to touch can be a warning sign. 

If you notice any of the different symptoms of overheating mentioned in this article, immediately but carefully unplug the device.

Then, let it cool down in open air (not in direct sunlight). 

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