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7 Ways To Fix “Samsung TV Error 105” (Network Is Visible)

Samsung TV Error 105

Do you feel like watching your favorite series?

Or maybe you want to try out a new app on your Samsung TV?

Well, bummer!

All you get is “Error 105”.  

What the heck does it mean?!

And how do you fix it so that it’s not in the way of your favorite activities?

Read on to find out:

  • 7 easy fixes to get your Samsung TV to work again.
  • How changing the IP Settings and adjusting them manually can help.
  • A quick way to determine whether your Internet is causing this and a fix.
  • And a lot more…

Why does my Samsung TV display error 105?

Your Samsung TV displays error 105 because it can’t establish a connection to the internet. The reason could be the router, outdated software or a hard reset might be needed. 

Samsung TV error 105: 7 ways to fix it

#1: Reset the router

A slow Internet connection is like trying to fill a bottle of water under a slow-paced water tap. It can take ages… until you get what you need.

On the contrary…

A strong and stable internet connection makes sure that the apps are running without any holdup.

This translates itself to smooth pictures and movies on the screen.

If this is not the case and you encounter error 105, then there is something wrong with your internet. 

Check the internet strength

The first thing you can check is the strength of the internet.

If you use WiFi, you can check this via the Samsung TV settings.

Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Select Network Status.

Then check how many bars you see. 

If you only see 1 or 2 bars the connection is weak.

Note: Double-check with your phone. Do it close to the TV to copy the distance from your router and see how many bars your phone is showing.

Pro tip: you can also try Speedtest. This website is free of charge and also measures your internet speed, but with some more details.

Weak internet connection to the TV confirmed? 

Then try to move the TV closer to the router, upgrade your router or Internet Plan.

Reset the router

You can also reset the router to make a brand new connection with the TV.

Here’s how:

  1. Unplug the router from the power for 30 seconds.
  2. Plug it back in.

It can take 1 or 2 minutes when it’s fully activated again. 

Double-check the LED indicators on your router if it’s working normally.

If you have doubts about the LED indicators or they are not blinking at all, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Another thing you can do is reset the network from within the TV. 

Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Go to Reset Network.

After that’s done, restart the TV and try to reconnect with the WiFi. 

IP Settings

Still no luck?

Then check IP Settings and set them manually.

Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Go to Network Status.
  6. Select IP Settings to change your DNS server.
  7. Select DNS Settings.
  8. Then select: Enter Manually.
  9. Go to DNS Server and fill in: 8888.
  10. Thereafter select: OK.

Ethernet cable

Finally, you can connect an ethernet cable to create a direct physical connection with the router.

Make sure to check if your Samsung TV has an internet port, otherwise, it won’t work.

Connect the internet port on the router and the TV and test the connection by loading the apps or browser.

The benefit of an ethernet cable is that it’s more stable and faster.

#2: Using a Mobile Hotspot 

The next inventive fix is a Mobile Hotspot via your Smartphone.

The cool thing about this one is that it bypasses your router.

We explained before that error 105 is related to the lack of internet.

In most cases, the TV can’t make a connection with the router.

With a Mobile Hotspot you can make an internet connection, but without the router involved.

“Tell me more, since my router isn’t working at all. Just called the Internet Service Provider and they encountered a malfunction on the network. It won’t be fixed till tomorrow. I’m stuck!”

Wait…..before we rush into this fix, here’s a disclaimer: 

Since you will be using your smartphone make sure to check your mobile data bundle. You don’t want to be surprised by exceeding your data limit and having extra costs.

Done? Then let’s start. 

We used in this example two kinds of smartphones: Android and Apple since these 2 brands are very common.

Here is how to create a Mobile Hotspot with Android:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Portable Hotspot.

Here’s how to do it on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Personal Hotspot.

Enable ‘Allow others to join’ and that’s it. 

When the Hotspot is active, place your phone close to the TV and connect it.

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Open Network Settings.
  6. Choose Wireless.
  7. Connect to the Mobile Hotspot.


#3: Restart the Samsung TV

Restarting your TV can also do the trick.

There are 2 ways. We start with the easy one and here’s how it goes:

  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. Press the power button from the Samsung remote and hold it until the TV turns OFF and ON again.

The other way goes like this:

  1. Unplug the power from the TV.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug the power back in.

#4: Update your Samsung TV software

Update Samsung TV Software

I bet you’re subscribed to at least one newsletter. By a website or Youtube channel that you care about. Be it news, items such as books, gadgets, etc.

Well, imagine something went wrong with the subscription. Then you wouldn’t get all the emails that highlight interesting deals for you.

Such a loss, right? 

I mean, it’s in your interest to be subscribed because you care about the service. And want to make use of any sweet discount deals (and not only).

The same goes for updates on the Smart TV. If you don’t update it, it’s not informed about the latest fixes and resolved bugs. 

To put it simply, you’ll miss out on the best experience you could have with it.

No worries though. As…

There are various ways to update your Smart TV.

Here’s how to update your TV via the internet:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to General.
  4. Go to Support.
  5. Select Software Update.
  6. Thereafter select Update Now.

The TV will reset itself after the latest update is installed. Don’t turn off the TV during the installation of these updates.

#5: Factory reset the Smart Hub

Samsung Smart Hub is the menu system on your Samsung TV.

Here you can access apps, games, and all the other functions of your TV.

It’s possible this can cause the issue that your Samsung TV won’t connect to the internet so how about a factory reset.

Warning: after a factory reset of the Smart Hub all your information related to linked accounts, apps, and Samsung Hub service agreements will be erased.

If you wanna continue then take these steps:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Support.
  4. Select Self Diagnosis.
  5. Thereafter choose Reset Smart Hub.
  6. It will ask for a PIN. Type in your PIN.

Note: By default, the PIN is: 0000.

#6: Factory reset the Samsung TV

While we are at it, you can also factory reset the Samsung TV.

Warning: after a factory reset of the Samsung TV all the personalized settings and user data will be erased.

Here are the steps for a factory reset of the TV:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button from the Samsung Remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Reset.
  4. Enter your PIN.
  5. Select OK.

If it’s finished the TV will restart automatically.

#7: Contact Samsung Support or your Internet Service Provider

If the issue persists, you can always contact the support from Samsung.

To make it easy for you, here is the link

Note: Write down your serial number from the TV, since they can ask for this.

Another thing you can do is to contact your Internet Service Provider. 

Because after all, it’s still an internet thingy.