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5 Easy Steps To Use Split Screen On Roku TV (2023 How-To)

Roku TV Split Screen

Roku TV has hundreds of channels available.

The question is… 

Is it actually possible to watch a couple of them simultaneously?

Well, the process is a bit tricky.

But I’m here to make it easy for you.

Keep reading to discover:

  • 5 easy-to-follow steps to split your Roku TV screen.
  • An external device that you can use to view multiple screens on your Roku TV.
  • 3 reasons why the split screen isn’t working on your Roku TV and ways to fix them.
  • And a lot more…

How to use a split screen on Roku TV? 5 steps

Back in the early 2000s, most TVs came with split-screen functionality.

However, this is no longer the case with the majority of modern sets.

Yes, you can use split screens on LG TVs, for example. But you can only do it on models that are 2020 or older.

It’s also possible to do so on selected Samsung TV variants.

However, most other brands have done away with this feature. 

And there are even those who’ve never added this functionality in the first place… 

And Roku is among them.

So, unfortunately, you won’t find any settings on your Roku TV’s menu for split screen.

But fret not. There are actually a couple of easy workarounds that you can do. You’ll just need some external devices.

The first method requires the use of a laptop. It doesn’t matter if it runs in Windows or  MacOS. Either 1 would work. 

Now, the idea here is to split your laptop’s screen. Then mirror it to your Roku TV. And the steps below are for this technique. 

For the second method, you’d need a multiviewer

It’s an external device specifically built for splitting screens. And you’ll find the steps for this in the Bonus section.

With that, let’s get started.

#1: Ensure that your Roku TV and laptop are using the same WiFi

Screen mirroring will only work if both devices have identical internet connections.

To check which network your Roku TV is using, you may follow these steps:

  1. Click your Roku remote’s Home button.
  2. Go to Settings followed by Network.
  3. Select Check connection.

#2: Mirror your laptop’s screen to your Roku TV

The way to do so will vary depending on your device’s OS. But I’ve provided the steps below for both Windows and Mac.

How to mirror a Windows laptop to a Roku TV

Step #1: Press the Home button on your TV remote.

Step #2: Select Settings, then scroll down and click System.

Step #3: Look for Screen mirroring and highlight it. Then press the right arrow button of your remote.

Step #4: Select Screen mirroring mode and choose the Always allow option.

Step #5: On your Windows laptop, click the Action Center icon. It’s the 1 that looks like a speech bubble on the lower right portion of the screen. 

Step #6: Select the Connect tile.

Step #7: Wait until you see your Roku TV on the list of available devices to connect to. Then select it. Your entire laptop screen should then appear on your Roku TV.

How to mirror a MacBook to a Roku TV

Step #1: Click your remote’s Home button and select Settings.

Step #2: Scroll down and choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. A settings menu would open.

Step #3: Select AirPlay and switch it on.

Step #4: Highlight Require Code. You’ll then see the following options:

  • Every Time.
  • First Time Only.
  • Use Password Instead.

It’s up to you to select which 1 you prefer.

Step #5: On your MacBook, click the Action Center icon. It’s the 1 with 2 toggle buttons.

Step #6: Click Screen Mirroring. Then select your Roku TV to connect.

Step #7: You’ll see a 4-digit AirPlay Passcode on your TV. Type that in your MacBook to finish the setup. 

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#3: Open a streaming service on your laptop

The great thing about Roku is practically all of its channels have an app version for laptops. And you can also view most of them on a web browser.

So on your laptop… 

Launch a streaming service that you want to watch on 1 side of your screen.

You may download and install the app version via the Microsoft Apps for Windows or App Store for Apple.

You can also opt to open a web browser. And then go to the service’s official website.

#4: Launch another app on your laptop

This is for the other half of your screen.

Again, you may choose an app or a web version of a streaming service for this.

#5: Split your laptop’s screen

After opening the 2 streaming services that you want to watch…

It’s time to divide your screen to show both. Just follow either guide below to evenly split your screen in 2.

How to do a split screen on a Windows

Step #1: Click and drag 1 of the apps to the side of your screen. Do this until you see a transparent outline in the back.

Step #2: Release your hold of the app. It should then occupy exactly half of your screen. 

Step #3: The other half of your screen should show a list of open apps and windows. 

From there, select the 1 that you’d like to appear on the opposite side of the screen.

How to do a split screen on a MacBook

Step #1: Go to the app or web browser that you’d like to view on 1 half of the screen.

Step #2: Click and hold the full-screen button on the upper left of the window. It’s the 1 with the green circle and 2 arrows.

Step #3: Select 1 of the following options:

  • Tile Window to Left of Screen.
  • Tile Window to Right of Screen.

After this, the window should now occupy the side that you selected.

Step #4: The other side should show all the other running apps. Click the 1 you want to see on the other half of your screen.

And that’s it. You should now see 2 windows or apps simultaneously on your Roku TV.

However, if you’ve encountered some errors, don’t worry. There’s a troubleshooting section below and you may jump to that.

BONUS: Using a multiviewer on your Roku TV to split your screen

As I’ve mentioned, it’s a device specifically built for screen splitting.

And to clarify further…

A multiviewer usually has 4 or 6 HDMI ports for external devices.

But as with the previous method, though…

Your Roku TV will also be reduced to an output device in this setup. That means you’ll also have to use a streaming stick, a laptop, or a gaming console to watch videos.

“OK. But how much exactly does a multiviewer cost?”

To be honest, it’s not exactly cheap. Some variants can go as high as over $1000. 

But you can find many decent versions that are a little under $200. Here are my 3 recommendations:

Model NamePriceResolution
Porta Multiviewer$85.991080p
Orei Quad Multi HDMI Viewer$159Up to 4K
AV Access$179.991080p & 4K

Now, the setup process for a multiviewer is really easy. Just refer to the guide below.

How to connect a multiviewer to a Roku TV

Step #1: Power on the multiviewer by plugging it into an outlet.

Step #2: Connect 1 end of the HDMI cable to the multiviewer’s output port.

Step #3: Plug the other side of the cable into your Roku TV. Just take note of the HDMI port number that you’re using. You should see a label above it.

Step #4: Change your Roku TV’s input. To do so:

  1. Click Home on your remote.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click TV Inputs.
  4. Select the HDMI port where you plugged the multiviewer.

Step #5: Plug external devices into the multiviewer using an HDMI cable.

So let’s say you want to play on 1 half of the screen. And you’d like to stream a movie on the other half.

Therefore, what you should do is connect a gaming console to 1 of the multiviewer’s ports. 

Then plug a streaming stick into another.

And you’re all set.

Now, if you’re curious to see how a multiviewer actually works…

You may watch this short video below:

How to turn off the split screen on Roku TV?

You can’t turn off the split screen on Roku TV since it doesn’t have this feature, to begin with. So you’ll have to switch off the external device you’re using instead.

If you’re splitting your screen via laptop mirroring… 

Just click the Disconnect button to stop. Both Mac and Windows laptops should have this option when mirroring.

And if you’re using a multiviewer…

You may simply change your Roku TV’s input to another source. Just press the Home button on your remote. And choose Settings and TV Inputs.

Roku TV split screen not working: causes & fixes

#1: You didn’t properly connect your external device to your Roku TV

If you’ve opted to use a multiviewer for splitting your screen…

It may not work if there’s a problem with the connection.

So check the HDMI cable. And ensure that you plug it securely on both your Roku TV and your multiviewer.

You may even try to connect it to another port on your TV.

And if you suspect the problem’s with the cable itself, find a replacement instead.

#2: Your Roku TV and laptop aren’t using the same WiFi

As I’ve mentioned, mirroring won’t work if they’re not connected to the 1 network.

Here’s how to change your Roku TV’s WiFi connection:

  1. Press your remote’s Home button.
  2. Select settings and click Network.
  3. Choose Set up connection.
  4. Click Wireless.
  5. Select the 1 that your laptop is connected to.

It’s also possible that both devices are already using the same WiFi. But it’s your internet connection that’s problematic.

Under this scenario, it’s best to reset your modem and router. Just unplug them. And after a minute or 2, reconnect them to their power source.

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#3: Your Roku TV’s firmware is outdated

Your Roku TV's Firmware Is Outdated

Whether you’re trying to use a laptop or multiviewer for screen splitting…

You’d likely encounter glitches if your Roku TV’s OS hasn’t been updated in a while.

Now, usually, updates happen automatically. But there are times when it may not occur due to software issues or problems with your WiFi.

That’s why you should also check manually for updates from time to time. Here’s how:

  1. Press Home on your remote.
  2. Click Settings followed by System.
  3. Scroll down and choose System update.
  4. Select Check Now.

Your Roku TV should start searching for available updates. It’ll then download and install them if there are. So ensure that you keep your TV on so as not to interrupt the updating process.