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3 Easy Ways To Use Phone Mic With Headphones (2023 How-To)

How To Use Phone Mic With Headphones

Headphones can play high-quality audio with ease… 

But honestly, some don’t come with the best microphones.

In comparison, your phone’s built-in mic is much better.

So it leaves you wondering:

“How can I use my phone mic while listening to my headphones?”

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 3 simple methods to use your phone mic with headphones.
  • Why you’d want to choose the phone mic instead of the headphone mic.
  • 9 detailed steps to use an app to set your phone’s mic as the default option. 
  • And a lot more… 

How to use phone mic with headphones – 3 ways

#1: Use the Lesser AudioSwitch app

Note: This method only works for Android devices. So if you’re an iPhone user, you should skip to the next one.  

Let’s start with the easiest and most effective way of using your phone mic with headphones. 

And that’s to use an app that tells your phone which input and output devices to choose. 

Fortunately, this solution will work for Bluetooth and wired headphones alike. 

And best of all, it’s for free. 

So simply have your mobile device ready and follow along with these…

9 easy steps to use your phone mic with headphones through an app

Step 1: Download the Lessor AudioSwitch app 
  1. Turn ON your device.
  2. Head to the apps section of your phone.
  3. Click the Play Store app’s tile.
  4. Tap the search bar at the top of your screen.
  5. Type in “Lesser AudioSwitch,”
  6. Click the official app’s name.
  7. Tap Install and follow further instructions. 

Note: Exact steps may vary depending on your phone’s brand. But regardless of your device’s model, you can just click here to access the app’s download page directly. 

“Can I use another application instead of this?”

There are other mobile applications similar to Lessor AudioSwitch app.

However, based on experience…

This is the app that’s:

  • Most reliable.
  • The easiest to use.
  • The least time-consuming. 

So I highly recommend sticking to using Lessor AudioSwitch.

Step 2: Disconnect your headphones from your phone

If your headphones are currently connected to your mobile device… 

Disconnect them first, so it’ll be easier to set up your headphones with the app later.  

Step 3: Launch the application

Go to the apps section of your phone.

Then, find and select the Lessor AudioSwitch application’s tile. 

After doing so… 

Step 4: Go to the app’s Settings

After opening the AudioSwitch app…

Tap Settings at the top-right of your screen. 

Then, ensure that the box beside the Switch microphone option at the very bottom is filled in.

If it isn’t, simply tap the box until it’s highlighted in pink. 

With that you can change the source of your input or mic. 

Now, if you’re planning to use Bluetooth headphones instead of wired…

You should also ensure that Bluetooth Support is enabled by filling its box.

Step 5: Return to the app’s home screen

Tap the back arrow on the top-left corner of your screen.

And once you’re on the main page of the app again…

Step 6: Connect your headphones to your phone

If you’re using a wired model…

Simply connect your headphones’ connector to your phone’s audio port. 

However, if you have a wireless model that you’ve never paired to your phone before… 

Follow these steps to connect your new Bluetooth headphones to your Android:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Select Connected devices. 
  3. Put your headphones in pairing mode (check its user manual if needed).
  4. On your phone’s screen, select Pair New device. 
  5. Tap your headphones’ name.
  6. Wait for your devices to pair together. 

But if your phone has already been paired with your headphones before…

Do these simple steps to link your devices again:

  1. Turn ON your Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Swipe down from the top of your phone’s screen.
  3. On your device’s notification panel, enable Bluetooth. 
  4. Your phone and headphones should pair automatically. 

Once you’ve connected your headphones to your Android, proceed to…

Step 7: Select the microphone button beside “Headphones”

Go back to your app again if needed.

And ensure that you’re on its main page.

Now, you’ll see 4 buttons in the middle of your screen in this order:

  1. Speakers.
  2. Headphones.
  3. Bluetooth. 
  4. USB DAC.

And for each of these, a microphone button will be on the right side.

That said, if you’re using wired headphones…

Simply tap the 2nd mic button from the top.

But if you’re using a wireless model…

Select the mic button on the right side of the Bluetooth option.

Once a new window appears…

Step 8: Select Internal Microphone

You’ll see a list of devices you can use as your phone’s microphone.

So simply highlight the circle beside the Internal Microphone option.

Because it’s the one that represents your Android’s mic. 

Step 9: Select Headphones or Bluetooth

If you’re using a wired audio device…

Tap the Headphones button on your screen.

However, if you’re using a wireless model…

Select the one with the Bluetooth icon. 

After doing so, your default microphone will now be the one on your phone.

But you can still use the headphones to listen to your mobile device’s audio. 

And if you want a visual guide for this whole process, I recommend watching this video: 

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#2: Use an audio splitter

Another method you can try to separate your mic from your audio output is to:

Use an audio splitter for your mobile device. 

Now, unfortunately, unlike the previous workaround…

Note: This will only work for wired headphones.

But the good thing is that this method will work for Android and iOS devices alike. 

However, before we proceed to the exact steps to do this process. 

Let me first explain what an audio splitter is. 

This way, you’ll know what exactly happens when you’re doing the steps below.

That said, an audio splitter is a cable that separates a single AUX connector into multiple jacks.

Or simply put, it assigns the audio output and mic of your headphones into 2 different connectors. 

So that you can control how your phone recognizes your headphones easily. 

For example, if you only plug the mic connector into your mobile device…

Your phone will think that your headphones are only for input or that it’s a microphone. 

Likewise, if you only insert the output connector…

Your phone will recognize your headphones as a device that doesn’t have a mic. 

And now that you have a general idea of how audio splitters work, proceed to these…

3 quick steps to use the phone mic with headphones (using an audio splitter)

Step 1: Ensure that your phone has an AUX port 

The AUX port is the circle slot on your device to which you can connect your headphones. 

Now, most Android devices will already have this built-in.

But if you’re an iOS user…

Most likely, you won’t find this slot on your device.

In that case, you should find a headphone jack adapter for your phone first. Preferably a model made by Apple itself.

And once you have it, simply connect the lightning connector to your phone.

Then, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Buy an audio splitter

Now, there are 2 kinds of audio splitters. 

But only 1 of them will work for this setup.

Don’t worry, though. I’ll help you easily spot which type’s the right one.

Important: The audio splitter you should buy is the one that has 2 connectors or jacks. And not the models that have 2 female ends or those with holes. 

However, if you want to avoid buying the wrong type in the first place…

I suggest that you simply choose this UGREEN headphone splitter.

That’s because it’s more affordable and sturdy compared to other products.

Plus, they’ll also look good along with your device.

Step 3: Connect your headphones to your phone 
Connect Your Headphones To Your Phone

On the connectors of your audio splitter… 

You’ll see that 1 will have the mic icon, and the other will show a headphone logo. 

That said, just plug the connector with the headphones icon into your phone’s AUX port. 

Then, insert your headphones’ jack into the female end of your audio splitter. 

After doing so, your phone will detect your headphones as a device without a mic.

So it’ll automatically stick to using its built-in microphone when needed. 

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#3: Use headphones that don’t have a mic 

You can also buy headphones that don’t have a mic in the first place.

That’s because, as I mentioned, if your mobile device can’t detect an external input source… 

It’ll continue using its built-in microphone. 

“How can I check if my headphones have a mic or not?”

Good question. 

For wired headphones, it’s easy. Just check the number of lines on their connectors.

Now, If the jack has 2 lines, the headphones don’t have a mic. 

But if it has 3, then the model has a built-in audio input. 

However, for Bluetooth models… 

You’ll need to do more steps. 

That’s because to figure out if wireless headphones have a mic or not… 

You’d need to check their user manual or specifications.

“Can you recommend some headphones that don’t have a mic?”

I sure can. 

If you want wired headphones without a mic that are affordable yet have high-quality…

I highly recommend getting these in-ear earphones from Yinyoo.

Because they produce high-quality sound and also come with different ear tips.

So you’ll surely be comfortable jamming to your playlist with this device. 

Reasons to use the phone mic instead of the headphone mic

The main reasons why you’d want to use a phone mic instead of your headphone mic are: 

  • Headphones’ microphones usually cause delay. 
  • Mics on headphones are usually worse than your phone’s mic. 

See, companies tend to focus on improving the audio output of their headphones. 

So they barely pay attention to the quality of their device’s microphones. 

Moreover, if you’re using a wireless model…

Your voice will also be delayed when you speak using your headphones’ mic.

That’s because Bluetooth connections aren’t optimized for recording audio.