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9 Steps To Use Headphones With Fire Stick (2023 How-To)

How To Use Headphones With Fire Stick

Amazon’s Fire Stick is gaining more popularity as a TV streaming technology.

It’s the best addition to your TV show binges.

Of course, you enjoy top sound quality for your shows.

But you don’t like disturbing the household.

So you decide to use your headphones with Fire Stick. 

Continue reading to learn:

  • 9 easy steps to use headphones with Fire Stick.
  • Which cable to use when you connect Fire Stick with your headphones.
  • 7 trendy Bluetooth headphones and speakers that pair well with Fire Stick.
  • And so much more… 

How to use headphones with Fire Stick – 9 steps

#1: Enter “Pairing Mode

Switch your Bluetooth headphones on, push the Power button and hold.

Wait until the LED light blinks, then release. 

Note: Blinking means “Pairing Mode” is active.

#2: Access your “Settings” from the home screen

#3: Click “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices

#4: Select “Other Devices

This will show as “Other Bluetooth Devices” on some TVs.

#5: Click “Add New Device

#6: Go to “Discovered Devices

Search for your headphones on the list.

#7: Select your device

Click on your headphones and wait for them to complete pairing. 

For most users, the pairing process completes by itself.

For some, a sub-window will pop up for confirmation. If it does, click OK.

#8: Stream audio

Once paired, your Fire TV should begin streaming audio.

#9: Headphones not found? What to do

If you can’t find your headphones on the list of devices, check if it’s on and in Pairing Mode.

Then repeat the steps.

Some headphones exit Pairing Mode when left inactive for a short time.

Note: Fire Stick will remember your headphones until you clear them. You don’t have to keep pairing every time you use them.

And for a thorough visual guide for headphones-to-TV connections, check out this video:

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Can you connect wired headphones with Fire Stick?

You can connect wired headphones with Fire Stick.

But not on all TVs. 

A wired connection requires your TV to have a headphone jack. 

And TVs made in recent years have gotten rid of this feature.

That said, if your TV has a headphone jack, simply plug in your wired headphones.

It’s that easy.


You wouldn’t want to sit that close watching your favorite TV show, would you?

In this case, you need to buy a 3.5 mm cable.

Its length depends on how far you want to be from your TV set.

More than that, you need to check your cable’s connectors. Male to Female 3.5 mm cables are the best way to go.

Once you have the cable, simply plug 1 end into the TV. And the other end to your headphones. 

As you can see, using a cable needs very little effort.

But it’s not the most comfortable.

And it’s only practical if you have a small room with a close media set-up.

If I were you, I’d look into Bluetooth headphones that go well with a wireless TV connection.

Also, it’s an exercise on future-proofing. 

“What’s that?”

Well, on the topic of electronics, it means buying relevant technology now.

So that you can avoid spending more on it in the future.

Remember that newer TVs are getting rid of the headphone jack.

So, you can replace your wired headphones with a wireless version now. 

It’ll be better going forward.

For one thing, you won’t need to keep purchasing cables and adapters.

Because it’s a known fact that these things don’t last very long.

And if you ever buy a new TV, it’ll already be compatible with your headphones.

Can you connect Bluetooth speakers with Fire Stick?

You can connect Bluetooth speakers with Fire Stick. 

And just like wireless headphones, all you need to do is pair them.

Here are the steps to connect Bluetooth speakers to Fire Stick:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth speakers to activate “Pairing Mode.
  2. With your remote control, go to your TV’s “Settings.
  3. Under settings, select “Controller and Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Choose your speaker under “Discovered Devices.

Fun fact: You can use your phone as a remote control when you log into Fire Stick TV’s remote app.

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“I can’t find my speakers on my TV’s Bluetooth device list.”

Are you experiencing pairing issues?

Here are a few quick fixes that you can try.

Step 1: Reset the Bluetooth speaker or the TV; or both, for good measure. Then repeat the methods for pairing.

Step 2: Check if your Bluetooth speaker is connected to something else. Bluetooth speakers can connect automatically with other devices.

If this is the case, disconnect the pairing and try again with your TV.

Step 3: Plug your speaker into an outlet to ensure it has power. 

Some rechargeable speakers don’t power down completely when their battery is low. Instead, they keep enough power to turn on and go to pairing mode. 

And then they go back to sleep.

Step 4: Adjust the volume. The problem might be with the sound. Ensure that the TV volume isn’t on mute or the speakers’ volume buttons aren’t set to low. 

#Bonus: 7 top speakers and headphones for Fire Stick

Looking for an upgrade or new equipment to go with your Fire Stick?

The answer could be in this list.

SuperEQ S1 Bluetooth Headphones

#1: SuperEQ S1 Bluetooth headphones 

  • A power that doesn’t run dry. 45-50 hours at 60% volume.
  • Get to know and appreciate the bass and low notes of a song.
  • An extraordinary listening experience in the comforts of your home.

#2: Sony XB950B1 wireless headphones w/ app control

  • Its easy-to-use controls are impressive in terms of utility.
  • Manage maximized sound quality with the Sony Connect app.
  • High-quality audio during wireless calls and while watching TV.

#3: Kinivo BTH240 headphones

  • Strong Fire Stick compatibility on a budget.
  • Connect from TV to your phone with minimal effort.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity for 10 hours and as far as 30 feet.

#4: Musibaby Bluetooth speaker 5.0 

  • A simple but great companion anywhere.
  • Easy to carry around with its lightweight design.
  • Enjoy all-around speakers for any indoor or outdoor setup. 

#5: Vanzon Bluetooth speaker pro

  • A connection range of over 80 feet.
  • Take advantage of future-proof connectivity.
  • Inexpensive but well-engineered sound technology.

#6: Sony extra bass SRSXB33 speakers 

  • Party-level loudness and speaker syncing.
  • Customizable lights to add mood to a carefree time.
  • Enhanced quality of sound in every space and room size.

#7: JBL Xtreme portable wireless speaker

  • Powerful audio with minimal distortions at high volumes.
  • The party for portability starts with its trendy shoulder strap.
  • You can prop it anywhere. Its built-in, hard-plastic stand guarantees that.