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How To Turn A Samsung Ice Maker On And Off (2023 Guide)

How To Turn Samsung Ice Maker On And Off

Have you tried every trick up your sleeve?

But still, your Samsung ice maker won’t turn on or off?

Wait. Before you go and ask for help, here are some easy fixes you can do by yourself.

What are those?

Read on to find out:

  • How to turn a Samsung ice maker on and off.
  • What the ‘Child Lock’ feature does on Samsung fridges.
  • 5 reasons why your Samsung ice maker won’t turn on or off.
  • 5 easy fixes for each cause to get your ice maker working again.
  • And many more…

How to turn Samsung ice maker on and off?

To turn your Samsung ice maker on and off, press the “Ice Maker” button once. The “Ice Maker Off” will light if it’s off and vice versa. But if this doesn’t work, you need to unlock your panel. Press and hold the “Door Alarm” button on your panel for 3 seconds. And then click the “Ice Maker” again.

For a more detailed guide and reasons, continue reading.

Samsung ice maker won’t turn on or off: 5 reasons & fixes

#1: Locked control panel

Did you know that Samsung fridges have a ‘Child Lock’ feature’?

“What does it do?”

It locks your control panel buttons.

This is so that children or anyone won’t be able to change your fridge settings.

To prevent food spoilage, you need to keep your refrigerator at an ideal temperature. So this feature is helpful – especially if you have small curious kids at home.


It may also cause a lot of stress if you don’t know about it. And this could be the reason why you can’t turn your ice maker on or off.

How to fix it

First, you should unlock your control panel.

Then once it’s done, the buttons will now work and you can adjust your ice maker settings.

To do this, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your fridge.
  2. Look at the panel inside – it’s usually on the right side.
  3. Find the “Door Alarm (Control Lock)” button. (It’s at the bottom of the panel.)
  4. Press and hold it for around 3 seconds.

Note: If it’s unlocked, the padlock symbol will blink and be gone.

  1. Next, click the “Ice Maker” button above.
  2. Select the setting you want – switch it on or off. (Watch the lit display go from “Ice Maker On” to “Ice Maker Off.”)

After turning the ice maker on or off, repeat step #1 if you wish to lock the settings again. 

Then close your fridge doors.

Note: Aside from the ice maker, these are the other buttons that will not function if your Child Lock is on:

  • Fridge.
  • Lighting.
  • Freezer.
  • Power Cool.
  • Power Freeze.

#2: A system error

Is your “Ice Maker Off” button lit?

If so, this means that it’s turned off. 

So if you want to use it, simply press the “Ice Maker” button once to switch it on.

But if nothing changes, there might be an error in your fridge’s system.

If this is the case, the fix is usually simple and easy.

How to fix it

You may solve this issue by power cycling your fridge.

“What is it?”

Don’t fret. I only used a different term for rebooting or restarting. 

So, you simply have to remove power from your fridge manually for a few minutes.

  1. Unplug your refrigerator cord from the outlet.
  2. Wait for around 2 minutes.
  3. Put the cord back in.

This should restart your Samsung fridge. And it may also clear any errors that you were experiencing earlier.

Note: As an alternative, you can also turn its circuit breaker off. Then switch it on again after 2 minutes.

Further reading: 7 Steps To Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator In 29 Sec

#3: Repeated failed attempts

Is your control panel already unlocked?

If so, and you pressed the button many times in a row, your Samsung fridge may also become unresponsive.

It can’t process all the commands at the moment. So it appears like it isn’t functioning anymore.

How to fix it

Whatever it is that you’re doing right now, stop it in the meantime.

Let your fridge rest for a minute or two.

And then, try pressing the “Ice Maker” button for about 10 seconds.

After this, click it once and see if you can now change the settings or not.

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#4: Frost build up

Frost Build Up

In some cases, it could also be that your control panel isn’t at fault.

You might have a frozen ice maker. So it doesn’t work no matter how many times you turn it on.

“What may have caused this?”

There could be an excessive frost buildup inside your ice compartment. 

But if you don’t dispense ice frequently, it may clump and form a huge block inside the drawer. And this blocks the chute of the dispenser. 

So even if you turn your Samsung ice maker on, it doesn’t produce any ice at all.

How to fix it

If you can remove your ice maker drawer, do so.

  1. Using your one hand, press the small tab on top of the drawer.
  2. Now, with your other hand, hold the bottom part of the drawer and push it upwards.
  3. Then pull the drawer to remove it from the compartment.

“Help! My ice maker is stuck. I can’t remove its drawer.”

If you can’t take it out, you have to defrost your fridge first.

This is so that the ice will thaw and you can easily pull the drawer out. 

If you want to know how to do this, read this article: 7 Steps To Defrost Your Samsung Refrigerator (How-To)

Also, to prevent this from happening again, do your best to maintain your fridge.

Say, check and clean its door seals regularly. As well as avoid over or under stocking your refrigerator.

But wait, it doesn’t end here yet

Once you’ve successfully taken the drawer out, empty its contents next.

Remove all the ice inside. Dry it with a clean soft towel. And then put the drawer back inside the ice compartment.

Note: If this still doesn’t work, you may have another problem.

#5: Water pressure issue

An ice maker might also not turn on and make ice due to low water pressure.

This is most likely if your Samsung fridge has a dispenser. But if not, skip and read the bonus item.

How to fix it

Step 1: Do a water pressure check

  1. Get a measuring cup.
  2. Fill it with water using the fridge dispenser.
  3. Count up to 10 seconds.

If the water reaches ¾  cup (177 ml) within 10 seconds, your water line isn’t the problem.

If not, then it could be a possible reason.

Note: But if there’s no water coming out all, check the line. Look if it’s connected properly to your unit.

And then…

Step 2: Inspect your water filter

  1. Look for your fridge’s water filter. This can be located in the middle of the produce drawers. As well as on the right side of the bottom bin.
  2. Take it out.

Note: To know how to do this on a Samsung fridge, check out this short video tutorial:

  1. Perform the water pressure test again without the filter.

Note: If it passed, you may need a new water filter. But if it was changed recently, you might have low water pressure.

You can also put the filter back in. Then see if anything changes. As there could also be a bug (error) in the system.

Now, if you’re sure that the water pressure is the problem…

Step 3: Check your water supply valve

Before calling a plumber, do this step first.

Inspect your water supply valve and see if it’s open and working.

If nothing changes even after opening it to its maximum, only then you should contact an expert.

Note: There are also Samsung fridges that have 2 water lines. For example, RS22T and RS27T. Now, if those are switched or cross-connected, the fridge won’t dispense any water or ice. So if you recently fixed your water lines, check them as well to be sure.

#BONUS: Faulty control board

Lastly, do none of your buttons seem to be working at all?

If so, and you already unlocked your panel, you might have a defective control board.

So no matter what you push, there are no changes to the settings. Plus, you don’t see any effects on your ice maker either.

How to fix it

If this is your problem, the only way to solve it is a replacement.

Contact an experienced repairman that can change it for you. Then see if the ice maker and other buttons are working fine.