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7 Steps To Reset Your Galanz Fridge In 27 Seconds (2023)

how to reset Galanz fridge

“My Galanz refrigerator has suddenly stopped working.”

I know it can be frustrating…

But lucky for you, fixing this issue is very easy.

How? Reset your appliance. 

Oh! Did I mention that the steps are short and simple? *winks*

Let’s get started!

Read on to learn:

  • When you should do a reset.
  • 7 simple steps to reset a Galanz fridge.
  • Whether Galanz refrigerators have reset buttons.
  • And so much more…

How to reset a Galanz fridge?

To reset a Galanz fridge, unplug it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then, turn the temperature dial from “0” to “OFF” to reset the cooling system as well. After that, replug and turn ON the refrigerator. And finally, adjust its temperature to your desired setting. 

7 steps to reset a Galanz fridge

#1: Unplug the refrigerator

To reset a Galanz refrigerator, cut off its power supply.

And you can do that by unplugging its power cord from the wall socket. Or by switching OFF its circuit breaker.

Important note: Before cutting off the fridge’s power supply, make sure to turn its temperature dial to “0.”

Regardless of which, your goal is to ensure that no power current runs in your appliance.

The reason: 

What a reset does is reboot the unit’s motor and system by forcibly restarting it. Doing this helps resolve most power-related issues and minor glitches.

And since most smart fridges have no reset buttons, you can only restart it by cutting OFF its power supply.

Tip: Do a reset before restocking your fridge to avoid food spillage and spoilage. As it can take up to 24 hours for your fridge to cool after resetting.

#2: Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes

“Okay, I’ve unplugged my fridge already. What should I do next?”

The next thing you should do is keep your appliance unplugged for about 5 to 10 minutes. 


When you unplug your fridge, a certain amount of power supply remains on its system.

And your appliance can’t reset unless its power supply has been entirely cut OFF.

Plus, letting it sit for several minutes allows its motor and cooling system to rest and refresh. Which helps your unit run more smoothly and efficiently.

#3: Turn the temperature dial from “0” to “OFF”

After 5 to 10 minutes, turn its temperature dial from “0” to “OFF.”

This step is essential to ensure that your fridge’s cooling function will run correctly after restarting the unit.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your fridge door.
  2. Locate the temperature dial. Usually at the right side.
  3. Turn the dial counterclockwise to turn it “OFF.”

Note: Depending on your Galanz fridge model, the location of the temperature dial may vary.

#4: Replug the refrigerator

For the 4th step, replug your refrigerator or switch ON its circuit breaker.

You’ll know if your unit is running if you:

  • Feel a slight vibration on its back.
  • Hear a buzzing sound near its motor.
  • See its control panel turn ON (on select models).

When replugging the fridge, make sure that its cord is plugged in properly and that the socket isn’t loose. 

Doing this helps avoid electric hazards, which can cause harm to you and your appliance.

#5: Adjust its temperature to your desired setting

Once you’ve turned ON your Galanz fridge, set your desired temperature setting.

To do that:

  1. Open the fridge door.
  2. Locate the temperature dial.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise until you reach your desired setting.

For fridge models with display panels, you can adjust the temperature by pressing the UP arrow.

“My temperature dial only has single-digit number labels. What should I choose?”

If this is your case, make sure to review your user’s manual. 

There you can find the guideline for setting the temperature on your unit.

But typically, you should set your Galanz fridge at level “4.” That would set your refrigerator to 40°F (4°C).

Can’t decide which temperature level to set? 

Follow this recommendation from the FDA:

  • Freezer: 0°F (-18°C).
  • General compartment: 40°F (4°C).

This setting is enough to cool your drinks and preserve your perishable goods.

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#6: Wait for it to cool to the right temperature

Setting the temperature completes the resetting process.

But it can take up to 24 hours before your refrigerator cools to its set temperature.

The reason:

In a sense, resetting your fridge turns your appliance to its default setting

And like brand-new refrigerators, it can take a whole day for its compressor and condenser coils to adjust to your desired setting.

If your fridge isn’t cooling yet after a reset, wait for 1 day before diagnosing your unit again.

If the problem persists after that, proceed to step #7.

#7: Contact Galanz support for service

If the troubleshooting method above didn’t work, contact Galanz support.

Before you contact them, make sure to prepare your:

  • Warranty information.
  • Galanz refrigerator model.
  • Galanz refrigerator serial number.

Once you’ve submitted it, they’ll provide other solutions or send a technician to your home. Whichever applies to your case.

If you have a mini-fridge, you can bring it to any of their service centers for repair. Just make sure to schedule an appointment as their carry-in services are limited.

“Do I have to pay for anything?”

If your refrigerator is still under warranty, their service is free-of-charge.

But, keep in mind that your product warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

So, if it got damaged for other reasons, you may have to pay extra fees or cover the costs for parts replacements.

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Frequently asked questions:

Is there a reset button on a Galanz fridge?

There is no reset button on a Galanz fridge. If you want to reset it, unplug the unit or switch OFF its circuit breaker for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then, set its temperature dial to “OFF” and replug it. Once done, adjust its temperature to your desired setting. 

The reset process only takes several minutes.

But your fridge can take up to 24 hours to cool after it.


I suggest that you reset your Galanz fridge before restocking it or when there’s little supply stored on it.

That way, your food, and drinks won’t spill and spoil. Avoiding further issues on your unit.

If you badly need to reset your fridge, ready a cooler to store your perishable goods. Or transfer it to another unit if you have another.

When should you reset a Galanz fridge?

When should you reset a Galanz gridge

You should reset a Galanz fridge if it suddenly malfunctions after a power outage. Or when it isn’t cooling after months of not using it. A reset would also be helpful if you’re moving or cleaning your refrigerator.

“Can it really resolve my fridge issue?”

A reset is an easy and effective method to resolve glitches and most power-related issues.

But then, not all errors or issues require a reset to resolve them. Plus, an unnecessary reset can also further damage your appliance.

And you wouldn’t want that to happen, don’t you?

That being said, reset your Galanza fridge only if necessary and prompted to do so.

If your fridge has an issue and you don’t know how to fix it…

It’s best that you review your user’s manual for troubleshooting methods. Or contact Galanz support for help or service.

That way, you can avoid damaging your unit and voiding your product warranty.

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