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23 Easy Steps To Connect Alexa To Your Xbox Console In 2023

How To Connect Alexa To Xbox

Controlling your gaming console through its controller is pretty easy.

But of course…

Nothing’s more convenient than just using voice commands to control your Xbox, right? 

Alexa can make this happen. And luckily, it only takes minutes to connect her to your Xbox. 

Keep reading to discover: 

  • 23 simple steps to connect Alexa to Xbox.
  • 5 genius tips to fix an Xbox that won’t connect to Alexa. 
  • How to add your Xbox as an Alexa skill using your phone or PC.
  • And this is just the beginning… 

How to connect Alexa to Xbox? 23 steps

Note: I’ll divide this process into 3 parts to make it easy for you to follow. 

Part 1: Putting your Xbox into Standby mode 

If you want to turn ON your Xbox using your voice commands…

Your gaming console should have its Standby (or Instant-on) mode enabled.

Now, by default, this setting is already ON. 

However, since you may have disabled it before… 

Let’s double-check that your gaming console is still in its Standby mode. 

Just follow the steps below. 

#1: Turn ON your Xbox 

Connect your device to its power source if you haven’t done so already.

And once it’s ON… 

#2: Head to your Xbox Profile & System settings 

Press the Xbox button on your controller. The one right in the middle of the remote. 

Then, head to the Profile & System section by hovering over your profile icon. 

From the new options that appear… 

#3: Choose Settings

It’s the selection with the gear icon on the left side of your screen. 

#4: Click General 

Note: You’ll also find this option on the left part of the window. 

From the tiles that show up on the right… 

#5: Select Sleep mode & startup

Various dropdown menus will appear on your screen. 

So, find and click the one that says Sleep mode. 

When you see the options under it… 

#6: Change the Sleep mode to Standby 

Note: For Xbox One, select Instant-on instead of Standby. 

Part 2: Enable Digital Assistants on your Xbox 

Enable Digital Assistants On Your Xbox

This process allows your gaming console to interact with digital assistants, including:

  • Siri.
  • Alexa.
  • Google Assistant. 

By default, this setting is disabled. But don’t worry. Enabling your gaming console’s Digital Assistants won’t take you 3 minutes to do. 

#1: Press the Xbox button on your controller 

Once a small window appears on the left side of your screen… 

#2: Hover over your profile icon

This opens up the Profile & System window. 

#3: Select Settings 

You’ll find this in the middle part of the sidebar. 

#4: Choose Devices & Connections 

It’s the 4th selection from the top. 

Now, on the right side of your screen… 

#5: Click Digital assistants

It’s the tile with the robot-looking icon. 

After clicking Digital assistants, you’ll be redirected to a new window.

So, from here… 

#6: Check the Enable digital assistants box

Note: You’ll find this on the left side of the screen. 

And now that your Xbox is ready to pair with any digital assistant, it’s time for… 

Part 3: Add your Xbox to your Alexa app 

Note: You need your mobile device for this process.  

#1: Open your Amazon Alexa app 

Download the application (iOS/Android) if you haven’t already.

Then, sign in or sign up for an account before you proceed to the next step. 

Note: If you want to do this 3rd part on your PC, check the last section of this article. 

#2: Tap More

You’ll find this option in the lower-right corner of your screen. 

#3: Choose Skills and Games 

It’s the selection with the star icon.

#4: Click the magnifying glass button 

You’ll see this at the top of your screen. On the right side of the SKILLS & GAMES title.

Once the search bar opens up… 

#5: Look up “Xbox”

When you see the results… 

#6: Tap the official Xbox skill

It’s the option with the green and white Xbox icon. 

#7: Click ENABLE TO USE 

This button is in the middle part of the window.

So, you don’t need to scroll down to find it. 

After clicking ENABLE TO USE, wait for the new window to load, then… 

#8: Sign in using your Microsoft account 

Ensure that you use the same account logged into your Xbox gaming console. 

#9: Confirm permissions 

You’ll see a window that reviews what Xbox Alexa needs your permission for. 

So, just scroll down, and select the blue Yes button at the very bottom of the page. 

Then, when you see the message:

“Your Xbox account has been successfully linked.”

Click the blue CLOSE button. 

At this point, your Alexa app will browse through the devices around you.

So, make sure your gaming console is ON so you can… 

#10 Select your Xbox name on your Alexa app 

After doing so, tap the CONTINUE button at the bottom. 

#11: Choose the Alexa devices you want to use as a controller 

Note: You may choose 1 or all of your Alexa-controlled gadgets. 

After you put a checkmark beside the names you want… 

Tap the LINK DEVICES option at the bottom of your app. 

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“Help, my Alexa won’t connect to my Xbox” – 5 tips

#1: Ensure you don’t miss any step

To successfully connect Alexa to your Xbox, you must do all 3 parts:

  • Enable Digital Assistant on your console. 
  • Add your Xbox as a skill on your Alexa app. 
  • Put your gaming console into Standby or Instant-on mode. 


Other instructions, including Xbox’s official tutorial, forget about 1 or 2 of these.

Specifically, the brand’s article doesn’t mention that when using the Alexa app to add Xbox as a skill…

You must still enable the Digital Assistants option on your gaming console. 

On that note… 

Double-check that you followed the 3 parts of the step-by-step process above correctly. 

And if doing this still doesn’t allow your Alexa to connect to your Xbox… 

#2: Use specific voice commands 

Let’s say your Alexa app said it has successfully connected to your gaming console. 

But when you give her a voice command… 

Your AI doesn’t follow your instructions. 

This makes you think that the 2 still hadn’t connected, even when they actually did. 

Because here’s what may be happening: 

Alexa can’t control your Xbox since you’re not giving specific voice commands. 

See, if you have several smart devices around and you say something like:

“Alexa, turn ON the volume.” 

Your AI may be confused about which device you want it to control. 

Hence, Alexa may simply ignore your request

Making you think that it’s not connected to your gaming console. 

To avoid this problem…

Always include “Xbox” in your voice commands. 

Say something like: 

“Alexa, tell Xbox to (do a specific action).” 

This way, it’s easier for your AI to know which gadget it should control. 

#3: Restart your gaming console

Your Xbox is constantly processing your data and information.

Plus, it has to respond to all the input you give.

Now, of course, your gaming console was designed to handle all of its tasks well.

But no device is perfect. Hence, like any other gadget…

Your Xbox can sometimes be too overwhelmed with its activities. 

And this causes your gaming console to glitch. 

When this happens, your Xbox won’t be able to function properly. 

So, it may also refuse to establish new connections. 

With your Alexa, for example.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to stop your gaming console from glitching. 

All you need to do is…

Restart your Xbox:

  1. Press and hold your controller’s Xbox button.
  2. Choose Restart console.
  3. Tap Restart.
  4. Wait for your Xbox to turn OFF and then ON again. 

Need a visual guide for this process? Watch this video:

After following these steps…

Redo the 3-part process to connect Alexa to your Xbox. 

#4: Reinstall the Amazon Alexa app

Like devices, applications also glitch.

And the best way to fix glitchy apps is to reinstall them.

After all, this single process will do 2 fixes for your Amazon Alexa:

  • Updating your app to the latest version.
  • Removing the glitches on your current application. 

You’ll hit 2 birds with 1 stone when you… 

Reinstall your Alexa app:


Note: The exact steps to do this process depend on your device’s brand/model.

Step 1: Launch your device’s Settings app.

Step 2: Choose the Apps option. 

Step 3: Select your Amazon Alexa app from the list.

Step 4: Tap Uninstall.

Step 5: Go back to your phone’s home screen.

Step 6: Open the Play Store application. 

Step 7: Tap the search bar at the top of your screen.

Step 8: Type “Amazon Alexa” and hit Enter on your virtual keyboard.

Step 9: Click the official application.

Step 10: Tap the INSTALL button. 


Step 1: Turn ON your iPhone.

Step 2: Find the Amazon Alexa app on your home screen. 

Step 3: Tap and hold the application’s icon. 

Step 4: Select Remove App. 

Step 5: Confirm the action by tapping the Delete App option.

Step 6: Choose Delete. 

Step 7: Click the App Store application. 

Step 8: Tap your profile icon at the app’s top-right corner.

Step 9: Select the Purchased option.

Step 10: Choose the Not on this iPhone tab. 

Step 11: Find the Amazon Alexa app’s name in the list.

Step 12: Tap the download (cloud) icon on its right side. 

After reinstalling the app… 

Try adding your Xbox as an Alexa skill again. 

#5: Power cycle your router 

Alexa and your Xbox will only connect if you have a stable Internet connection. 

And the easiest way to improve your WiFi speed is to power cycle your router.

This means unplugging your device from the outlet.

Then, after 1 minute, plugging it back. 

Yes, power cycling is a very simple process. 

But it’s really a great lifesaver for days when your WiFi seems slower than usual. 

Because it acts like an energy drink that bumps your network’s speed. 

So, just follow these steps to…

Power cycle your router: 

  1. Unplug your device from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 1 minute.
  3. Plug your router into power again. 

After doing so… 

Give your Xbox and Alexa app a minute or 2 to reconnect to the network.

Then, try linking them again.

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Bonus: Use your PC to add the Xbox skill to Alexa 

If your Xbox won’t connect using your Alexa mobile app…

Try to do this process using your computer’s browser instead. 

Note: Finish parts 1 and 2 of the previous section. Then, instead of doing part 3, follow the steps below to… 

Connect Alexa to your Xbox using a computer:

Step 1: Open up a browser

It doesn’t matter which one you choose. 

Step 2: Head to Alexa’s official website


Step 3: Sign in 

Use the Amazon account logged in to your Alexa devices. 

Step 4: Select Skills 

You’ll find this on the left side of your screen. 

Can’t find it?

Then, tap the 3-line icon at the top-left corner first.

And this option should appear. 

Step 5: Search “Xbox”

The search bar is located at the top of the website. 

Step 6: Select the Xbox skill

It has the green/white Xbox icon. 

Step 7: Enable the skill

You can do so by clicking the ENABLE button on the right side of your screen. 

Step 8: Sign in to your Microsoft account 

Make sure you’re using the credentials you also use on your Xbox. 

Step 9: Confirm the permissions 

You can do this by tapping the Yes button at the bottom. 

From here, just close the window.

And test if your Alexa and Echo are now connected.