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3 Steps To Connect AirPods To Samsung TV In Seconds (2023)

How To Connect AirPods To Samsung TV

Want to follow along with a workout video on a bigger screen?

Or perhaps you just want to watch something on your TV without disturbing anyone.

Your AirPods are perfect for these situations.

But can you connect them to a Samsung TV?

Read on to find out:

  • Whether AirPods are compatible with non-Apple devices.
  • 3 easy ways to connect your AirPods to your Samsung TV in seconds.
  • What to do if your AirPods won’t successfully connect to your Samsung TV.
  • And so much more…

Are AirPods compatible with Samsung TV?

AirPods are compatible with Samsung TV. Your AirPods will work as a Bluetooth headset, so you can connect them to your Samsung TV. To do this, check whether your TV supports Bluetooth. Then turn on “Pairing Mode” on your AirPods. Finally, pair your AirPods with your Samsung TV.

3 steps to connect AirPods to Samsung TV in seconds

#1: Check if Bluetooth is enabled for your Samsung TV

To connect your AirPods to your Samsung TV…

The first thing that you need to do is check whether your TV has Bluetooth.

It’s super simple.

All you need to know is whether your TV came with a Smart Remote.

According to Samsung, all TV models with this kind of remote can support Bluetooth.

“But my TV doesn’t have a Smart Remote.”

That’s okay. That doesn’t mean your TV can’t work with Bluetooth devices.

You can manually check whether your TV can support Bluetooth. Here are the steps:

  1. On your remote, go to Menu and find Settings.
  2. Navigate to “Sound.”
  3. Select “Sound Output.”
  4. Check whether you can see “Bluetooth Speaker List.”

“Yes, I see it on my screen.”

Then that means that your TV supports Bluetooth.

Now, it’s time to move on to the next step of the process.

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#2: Set your AirPods to Pairing Mode

Once you’ve made sure that your TV can support Bluetooth…

What you need to do next is get your AirPods ready for pairing with your Samsung TV.

This also doesn’t take long. In fact, you only need a couple of seconds to do this.

  1. Put your AirPods inside your charging case.
  2. Press and hold the button on the back of the case.
  3. Release the button when you see an amber light blink once.

“What does that amber light mean?”

When you see this light, it means your AirPods are ready for pairing.

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#3: Pair your AirPods with your Samsung TV

And now we’ve come to the last step.

To connect your AirPods with your Samsung TV…

Step 1: On your remote, open your TV’s Menu.

Step 2: Find the list of Bluetooth audio devices.

The process for getting to this list differs from model to model. 

Follow this guide.

For 2014 Samsung Smart TVs:

  1. On your menu, find Sound.
  2. Navigate to “Speaker Settings”, then find “TV Sound Output.”
  3. Go to “Bluetooth Headphone.”

For 2015 Samsung Smart TVs:

  1. Open your TV’s menu, then go to Sound.
  2. Under Sound, look for “Additional Settings.”
  3. Select “Bluetooth Audio.”

For 2016 Samsung Smart TVs:

  1. On your TV’s Home, go to Settings, then Sound.
  2. Select “Expert Settings”, then navigate to “Wireless Speaker Manager.”
  3. Choose “Bluetooth Audio Devices.”

For 2017, 2018, and 2019 Samsung Smart TVs:

  1. From your Home menu, select Settings then find Sound.
  2. Select “Sound Output.”
  3. Finally, navigate to “Bluetooth Speaker List.”

Step 3: Look for your AirPods on the list of Bluetooth audio devices on your TV.

Step 4: Choose your AirPods to pair with your Samsung TV.

That’s really how easy it’s gonna be.

Watch this whole process here:

Why won’t my AirPods connect to my Samsung TV? 5 causes & fixes

#1: Bluetooth is turned off

If your AirPods won’t connect to your Samsung TV…

First, check whether Bluetooth is turned off on your AirPods.

That’ll explain why you won’t see it on your TV’s list of Bluetooth audio devices.

And why it won’t pair with your TV.

The easiest way to see if Bluetooth is working is to connect to a different device.

This can be your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Or your Mac.

If your AirPods can’t stream music from any of these products…

That means there’s an issue with its Bluetooth.

#2: Your AirPods are in low battery mode

Another reason for this issue is that your AirPods need to be charged.

“How do I know if I have enough battery?”

That’s easy. There are several ways to check the battery levels of both your AirPods and your charging case.

The first is on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

  1. Put at least 1 AirPod into your case.
  2. Put your case near your phone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  3. Check the battery levels for both your AirPods and case.

You can also check using a Mac or an Apple Watch.

To check on your Mac computer or laptop:

  1. Go to the Bluetooth icon on your system’s menu tray.
  2. Hover over your AirPods’ name.
  3. Check how much battery is on your AirPods and case.

For an Apple Watch:

  1. Swipe up on your watch face and access your Control Center.
  2. Open your charging case or wear at least 1 AirPod.
  3. Check how much battery’s left for both the AirPods and the case.

If you find that you don’t have enough battery, just charge your AirPods.

To do this, you only need to put them inside your charging case.

#3: Your AirPods need to be cleaned

Or maybe your AirPods need some cleaning.

This’ll affect not only their charging but also their ability to connect to other devices.

To clean your AirPods, just get a soft, dry cloth that’s lint-free.

Wipe the surface of the Pods and make sure no dirt or gunk’s left behind.

According to Apple, you can also opt to use wipes.

These include ethyl alcohol wipes, isopropyl alcohol wipes, and Clorox Disinfecting wipes.

Note: Don’t let moisture get into any part of your AirPods.

Your AirPods aren’t waterproof so you need to keep them dry at all times.

#4: Your AirPod’s firmware is outdated

“My AirPods still won’t connect to my Samsung TV.”

Another possible reason for that is an outdated firmware. This is the program that runs the device.

“Do I need to update my AirPods manually?”

No. AirPods will automatically install updates when they’re available.

But it won’t hurt to check whether you’re using the latest version.

Because if you’re stuck on an older version, your AirPods may lose some functionality.

“Okay, so how do I check my firmware version?”

  1. On your phone, go to Settings, then find “Bluetooth.”
  2. Look for your AirPods, then select the “i” button next to it.
  3. Scroll down to “Version.”
  4. Check whether your current version is 4C170.

What if your AirPods aren’t running their latest firmware version?

That’s not a problem. You can update them by doing the following:

  1. Put your AirPods inside your charging case.
  2. Connect your case to a power outlet.
  3. Put your case near your phone.

#5: You need to reset your AirPods

You Need To Reset Your AirPods

If none of these fixes haven’t worked yet for your AirPods and Samsung TV…

The last thing you can try is to reset your AirPods.

Note: This’ll erase all the previously saved settings on your AirPods.

But doing this can help correct a lot of issues, including connecting to other devices.

To reset your AirPods:

Step 1: Put your AirPods into your charging case.

Step 2: Close the lid of the case.

Step 3: Wait for at least 30 seconds.

Step 4: Open the case’s lid.

Step 5: “Forget” your AirPods on your phone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

  1. Go to Settings, then navigate to Bluetooth.
  2. Find your AirPods, then select “More Info” next to it.
  3. Choose “Forget This Device”, then confirm.

Step 6: Keep the lid of your charging case open.

Step 7: Press and hold the setup button at the back of the case for at least 15 seconds.

Step 8: Wait until the light flashes amber then white.

If none of these fixes worked for you, contact Apple for help.