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How Long To Charge Roomba? (Updated 2023 Guide)

How Long To Charge Roomba

Put it this way. 

It’d probably take longer to play Candy Crush than a Roomba takes to finish charging. 

How do I know? 

Because it happened to me just last night. 

As it turns out, a Roomba doesn’t take long to charge.

How long exactly, though? 

Read on to find out:

  • Charging times and runtimes of several Roomba models. 
  • Why draining your Roomba’s batteries completely isn’t safe.
  • The exact number of hours you should charge your Roomba.
  • How you can tell when your Roomba’s fully charged and ready to clean. 
  • And so much more… 

How long to charge Roomba?

The recommended charging time for a Roomba is 2 hours. This applies to all Roomba models from the 600 series to the s9 series. Roomba’s batteries have an average lifespan of 2 to 4 years or 400 charge cycles. Over time, you might notice your Roomba takes longer than 2 hours to fully charge itself.

How long does it take to charge a Roomba for the first time?

iRobot recommends you should charge your Roomba overnight the first time. 


To prolong your Roomba’s battery health and lifespan. 

After using your Roomba the first time, the normal charging time should be 2 hours. 

Although all the models require a 2-hour charging period, the runtime varies. 

What I mean by that is…

Every Roomba model can clean your home for a specific number of hours only. 

Put simply, runtime refers to the amount of time a device can last before it needs charging.

To give you a little more insight…

Here’s a table showing the charging times and runtimes of several Roomba models:

Roomba modelCharging TimeRuntime
Roomba 6712 hours (120 minutes)1.5 hours (90 minutes)
Roomba 6752 hours (120 minutes)1.5 hours (90 minutes)
Roomba 6902 hours (120 minutes)1.5 hours (90 minutes)
Roomba E52 hours (120 minutes)1.5 hours (90 minutes)
Roomba 8902 hours (120 minutes)1 hour (60 minutes)
Roomba 9602 hours (120 minutes)1.25 hours (75 minutes)
Roomba 9812 hours (120 minutes)2 hours (120 minutes) on Eco Mode
Roomba 9852 hours (120 minutes)2 hours (120 minutes)
Roomba i7 or i7+2 hours (120 minutes)1.25 hours (75 minutes)
Roomba j7 or j7+2 hours (120 minutes)1.25 hours (75 minutes)
Roomba s9 or s9+2 hours (120 minutes)2 hours (120 minutes)

Now, you’re probably wondering…

“Is 60 minutes enough to clean your whole house?” 

If you’re living in a large space, your Roomba might need longer than 60 minutes. 

However, there are several ways to get it to clean your whole house. 

But if you want a safer alternative, a runtime of 75 to 120 minutes is better. 

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How do I know when my Roomba is charged?

If you see a solid white light on your Roomba, it means it’s fully charged. 

However, if the light is pulsing, it means your Roomba’s still charging. 

Take note, though. 

For the 500, 600, 800, and 900 Roomba models, the light you’ll see is green and not white. 

In some cases, you might see a text that says:

“Ready to clean. Fully charged.”

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Here’s a table showing the light indicators when your Roomba’s fully charged: 

Roomba modelFully chargedNo battery/needs chargingCharging
Roomba 500, 600, 800, and 900 seriesGreenRed/Amber pulseNone
Roomba i SeriesWhitePulsing red lightWhite pulsing light
Roomba j SeriesWhite Pulsing red lightWhite pulsing light
Roomba s SeriesWhitePulsing red lightWhite pulsing light

For some models, you’ll notice the white light will be a half-circle. 

Other times it’ll look like a quarter circle. 

What does this mean? 

It’s to indicate the battery status for the following battery percentages: 

  • 15%.
  • 33%.
  • 50%.
  • 67%.
  • 85%.

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How long does it take a dead Roomba to charge?

Roomba Charging For Two Hours

A dead Roomba should still take about 2 hours to reach a fully charged status. 

However, it’s not wise to drain your Roomba’s battery to 0%. 

See – here’s the thing. 

Your Roomba runs on lithium-ion batteries

And like every battery in the world, they’re in a state of constant decay. 

Meaning, batteries have a limited lifespan (2 to 4 years) before they die. 

Now, here’s the issue.

A complete drain of your Roomba’s batteries accelerates the decaying process. 

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In short, if you keep this up, expect your battery to die before its expected lifespan. 

So what’s the best thing to do then? 

At best, keep your Roomba in its charging dock whenever you’re not using it. 

“But wait, isn’t it wrong to keep it plugged in all the time?”

Well, you’ll learn the answer to that in the next section. 

Should I leave my Roomba plugged in all the time?

You should leave your Roomba plugged in all the time unless…

You’re planning to be away from home for 1 to 2 weeks. 

If you’re using your Roomba once every week, leave it plugged in all the time. 

However, a 1-week trip is a different story. 

In that case, you should unplug your Roomba and remove its batteries. 

Make sure to store the batteries away from sunlight as well to prevent further decay.

And finally, it’s best to use your Roomba as often as you can. 


Mainly to prolong your battery’s efficiency. 

If you leave it unused for too long, your batteries degrade faster too.