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4 Headphones That Look Like Earplugs (Updated 2023 Guide)

Headphones That Look Like Earplugs

Headphones make it extremely easy to enjoy music.

On the other hand, earplugs are your best friend when blocking off surrounding noises. 

That said, if you want a device with both of these features simultaneously…

Let me show you the best models you can get on the market. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • The best 4 headphones that look like earplugs.
  • Whether or not you can use headphones as earplugs.
  • What headphones work best as earplugs and other alternatives you can use. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

4 headphones that look like earplugs

#1: Plugfones Liberate 2.0 (best for overall value)

If you’re looking for in-ear plugs that can silence your surroundings with ease…

These noise reduction headphones from Plugfones are a perfect choice. 

That’s because this device has ANSI-certified Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) of 27 & 29 dB. 

So you can even use it to protect your hearing from heavy machinery. 

“What’s the NRR for?”

It’s a measurement of how good earphones are at blocking off noises.

And simply speaking, the higher your headphones’ NRR is, the better.

That’s because the dB rating measures how many decibels your earplugs can reduce. 

Note: The highest NRR is 33 dB.

With that said, since these earplugs are rated from 27 to 29 dB…

You can trust that they’re extremely good at blocking OFF noises.

Fun fact: The minimum recommended NRR for indoor firing ranges headphones is 28 dB. So it’s safe to assume that these Plugfone earbuds can even lower a gunshot’s loud sound. 

But of course, this device isn’t just good because its NRR is high.

To start, these Bluetooth headphones can last for 12 hours on a single charge.

Moreover, you can get crystal clear sound from their speakers even when your volume’s low.

On top of that…

These earplugs also come with 4 pairs of interchangeable foams.

So unlike other headphone models…

You can ensure you’ll get the perfect ear-fit with Plugfone’s earplugs. 

“Are these headphones easy to use?” 

Yes, they are. 

See, this device comes with built-in access controls. 

So without touching your phone, you can easily: 

  • Answer calls.
  • Change the volume.
  • Play/pause your music.

And if you want to know more about these headphones, here are the…

Specifications of Plugfones Liberate 2.0

Characteristics Value 
Noise-reduction rating27-29 dB
Available colorsBlue/yellow and black/grey
Weight0.0375 pounds
Max battery life12 hours 
IP rating IPX5 (sweat-resistant)
Bluetooth connectivityVersion 5.0 

Advantages vs disadvantages

WirelessShort Bluetooth range
Extremely lightRepetitive low-battery beeps 
High NRR ratingPricier compared to other models

#2: Mipeace work earplug (best for budget) 

You don’t need to break the bank just to get high-quality earplug headphones.

That’s because for less than $50…

This device can provide you with the quality that other pricier models can.

For example, similar to the previous headphones mentioned…

These earplugs also have a high NRR of 29 dB.

So you can use them to protect your hearing around heavy types of machinery.

Or to simply reduce your surrounding noises while listening to music. 

Moreover, this device also has 19 hours of playtime.

So it can last throughout your whole work shift with no problems. 

“Can these headphones connect to my phone easily?”

Yes, they can. 

See, with their Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity…

You can rely on these earplugs to let you:

  • Have high-quality audio.
  • Pair with your mobile device fast. 
  • Have a long wireless range (10M).

All that said, if you want to know more about these earbuds, check out this…

Specifications chart for Mipeace work earplug:

Characteristics Value 
Noise-reduction rating29 dB
Available colorsBlue and yellow
Weight0.05 lb
Max battery life16 hours
IP rating IPX5 (sweat-resistant)
Bluetooth connectivityVersion 5.1

Advantages vs disadvantages

High NRRFragile
AffordableLoose ear fit
Long battery lifeBass can be overwhelming

#3: ISOtunes PRO 2.0 (best IP rating)

If you need headphones that can withstand water and harsh environments…

Then this earbud model is the best choice for you.

See, with its IP67 rating… 

This device is safe from dust exposure. 

So you can safely bring it to a workplace that usually has floating small substances, like:

  • Epoxy. 
  • Sawdust.
  • Paint particles.

Moreover, these headphones are also waterproof.

So you can safely wash them in tap water after using them throughout the day. 

“Can this device block noises well?”

Yes, it can.

See, these earbuds have a 27 dB of Noise Reduction Rating. 

With that, they’re safe to use even when you’re around loud machines like:

  • Bulldozers. 
  • Chainsaws. 
  • Metal cutting saw. 

Moreover, these earplugs also have 16 hours of battery.

So it’s possible to use them for multiple work days between charges.

And that’s if you use your headphones for less than 8 hours daily. 

On top of that…

This model also comes with a memory wire ear hook, unlike other earbuds.

So you’ll surely be comfortable wearing these headphones.

And they won’t accidentally fall off even if you move actively throughout the day. 

“Do these earbuds sound good?”

Yes, they do. 

You can expect this device to have crisp audio thanks to its high-fidelity speakers.

And now, if you want more details regarding these headphones, here’s the… 

Specifications chart for ISOtunes PRO 2.0:

Characteristics Value 
Noise-reduction rating27 dB
Available colorsMatte black and orange
Max battery life16 hours
IP rating IPX 67 (waterproof)
Bluetooth connectivityVersion 5.0

Advantages vs disadvantages

High IP ratingEartips aren’t easy to wear
Comfortable ear hookControls sometimes get stuck
Limits sound to avoid hearing problemsPhone call audio quality is unstable

And if you want to see these earbuds in action, watch this video:

#4: Plugfones Guardian Earbud (best-wired model)

Not a fan of wireless headphones?

Then you should try these wired earplugs from Plugfones instead.

See, this device is designed for workplace safety standards.

However, with their minimalist design…

You can still use these headphones while doing day-to-day activities like:

  • Strolling.
  • Commuting. 
  • Working out.

And since batteries don’t power these earphones… 

You won’t need to worry about their battery dying unexpectedly. 

“Can I use these earphones for work?”

Yes, you should be able to.

That’s because with these headphones’ 27-29 dB NRR…

They can block out the excessive noises of heavy machinery.

However, I still recommend asking if your workplace will allow these headphones directly. 

That’s because some employers prefer their employees to only wear specific earplugs.

So some workplaces may not allow you to use these Plugfones. Even if they reach the standard NRR dB.

With all that said, if you want to know more about these earplugs, here are the… 

Specifications chart for Plugfones Guardian Earbud:

Characteristics Value 
Noise-reduction rating27 to 29 dB
Available colorsBlue, black, and orange
Max battery lifeNo battery limit (wired)

Advantages vs disadvantages

No charging neededWire is thin
Water and sweat resistantJack has a 90-degree bend
2 earplug types to choose fromEar foams accumulate dirt frequently

Can headphones be used as earplugs?

Headphones can be used as earplugs. As you’ve seen earlier, many headphones are designed to have earplugs at the tip. So they’re safe to use to reduce excessive volumes, even in the workplace. 

Important: Ensure that your headphones have ANSI-certified Noise Reduction Ratings. Because this proves that the device really has protection against high volumes.

Pro tip: I highly recommend getting headphones with an NRR of at least 25 dB. Because, as mentioned, the higher the NRR is, the better your earplugs will block out noises around you. 

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What headphones work best as earplugs?

Earplug headphones work best as earplugs. That’s because, unlike over-ear or on-ear headsets, these devices can seal entry to your ear canal. So you’ll barely hear most external noises. 

However, bear in mind that other headphone types also have noise-canceling features.

So if you don’t really need to block off excessive volumes from your surroundings like:

  • The sound of machines.
  • Gunshots in firing ranges. 

Then you can also use other headphone models to block the sounds around you. 

Because honestly, they usually look better than earplug headphones. 

And most of the time, they’re sufficient enough to block off common surrounding noises like:

  • Traffic sounds.
  • Nearby conversations. 
  • The sound of a vacuum.

That said, check out these… 

2 headphone types that also cancel noises like earplugs

In-ear headphones

In-Ear Sony WF-1000XM4 Headphones

Like headphones that look like earplugs…

These earphones are also meant to wear inside your ears.

However, the difference is…

The earpieces of in-ear headphones aren’t as tight as those used in earplugs.

So when the 2 types of devices are compared closely…

It’s obvious that earplugs block off more sounds than in-ear headphones do. 

However, in comparison to other headphone types like on-ear and over-ear… 

In-ear headsets are the best at noise isolation.

So it’s safe to say that they’re second in the list of the headphones that work best as earplugs. 

On that note… 

You can check out this Sony WF-1000XM4 if you want to see an example of an in-ear headset. 

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Over-ear headphones

The 3rd on the list of headphones that are best at canceling noises are over-ear headphones. 

See, these devices cover the surrounding of your ears.

So they can naturally block out most noises from external sources.

Moreover, these devices also come with an Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature.

So their tiny microphones emit frequencies that counter the sounds around you.

Pro tip: Avoid on-ear headphones if you prioritize noise isolation. Because they’re the worst at blocking off outside sounds.