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7 Steps To Find Your Ecobee Registration Code (How-To 2023)

Ecobee How To Find Registration Code

Wondering how to find the registration code for your new ecobee thermostat?

This article has you covered!

Below, we’ll dive into how you can find your ecobee registration code and finish your setup process. 

Here’s how to find your ecobee smart thermostat registration code: 

  1. Download the ecobee app on your phone. 
  2. Complete the initial setup process. 
  3. Unlock your ecobee smart thermostat. 
  4. Navigate to the main menu. 
  5. Select “Registration” from the options. 
  6. Complete WiFi configuration if necessary. 
  7. Enter your registration code before it expires. 

Ecobees are an incredibly convenient addition to any home. And thankfully, finding their registration code only takes a few moments.

Read on to see how to get your registration code to start using yours in just 7 simple steps. 

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1. Download the Ecobee App on Your Phone

First and foremost, download the ecobee app for your smartphone

You can find it for free through both the Apple and Google Play stores. After downloading, you will need to create an account with ecobee. 

The ecobee app is where you input the registration code. This is how you pair your smart thermostat to the software on your mobile device. 

There’s also the option of registering the code through the ecobee website.

However, the app is much more convenient and used for controlling your ecobee smart devices anyway. 

As a side note, this guide assumes you have already physically installed your ecobee.

We won’t go through the steps here since it’s a separate and longer process. 

However, you can watch this video tutorial from ecobee on YouTube if you need help with that:

2. Complete the Initial Setup Process

You will need to finish the initial setup process before continuing with this guide. 

There’s a couple of reasons for this. 

First and foremost, you can’t fully use your ecobee smart device until you do! The initial setup is where you configure your preferences and language settings. 

Thankfully, this process is swift and straightforward. You can see how to work through the setup with the help of this YouTube video:

Finishing the installation process will prompt your ecobee to provide a registration code, which means you may not need to follow the rest of these steps immediately. 

However, knowing how to locate your code is still crucial to learn, as the codes expire in an hour.

As a result, writing registration codes down in a notebook won’t help in the long term. 

Knowing how to retrieve your code also allows you to resolve various issues, such as relinking your smart thermostat if it loses WiFi connection or needs resetting. 

3. Unlock Your Ecobee Smart Thermostat  

Ecobees have optional protection in the form of security codes. During the initial setup, you can configure these as a physical security measure. 

If you added one, you must simply enter it to unlock the ecobee device.

These security codes are resettable and changeable. You can edit their settings through the “Security” section in the main menu.

We’ll discuss getting to the main menu in the next step. 

Speaking of security, ecobee goes to great lengths to protect its customers’ devices and homes. 

Besides smart thermostats, they also sell home security gadgets.

For example, the ecobee SmartCamera (available on offers incredible picture quality and even night-vision.

The company also appears to handle customer data responsibly. They have no known recent issues concerning privacy and will scrub all your data if asked. 

You can see ecobee’s privacy statement for yourself if you’re curious. 

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4. Navigate to the Main Menu

After unlocking, you next want to find the main menu on your smart thermostat. 

In the bottom right corner, you should see an icon with three horizontal bars. Click on it to see the main menu. 

Now you should see a drop-down with multiple options. For the next step, you want to find the one that says “Registration.” 

From the main menu, you can access all sorts of other features beyond generating a registration code.

Users can change temperature preferences or alter security measures. 

Make sure you take some time to explore the menus. 

You might find some new useful features you didn’t know of previously. Plus, optimally programming your smart thermostat can significantly increase its efficiency

5. Select “Registration” From the Options

Next, it’s time to select that “Registration” sub-menu from the main menu. 

Having trouble locating this option? Try looking at the top of the list above “System.” 

Different generations of the device may have this option located elsewhere.

That said, you should be fine as long as you can get to the main menu and find “Registration.” 

It may have some text under it saying “2 steps left” as well. 

After clicking on that, complete the WiFi configuration process (which we walk you through in the next step). 

If you don’t see “Registration” as a choice, don’t worry: you probably just need to reset your ecobee device. 

This article explains what to do in that situation further down. So if that applies to you, you can skip to that section for now. 

6. Complete WiFi Configuration if Necessary

After choosing “Registration,” one of two things will happen: 

  • Your smart thermostat may simply supply you with a registration code after a prompt if it’s connected to the internet. This code will usually expire in one hour.
  • Your ecobee may begin a WiFi configuration process. When that happens, follow the prompts that your device gives you. 

Keep in mind your ecobee needs a WiFi connection to work. Without one, you won’t be able to get a registration code this way. 

After completing those steps, you should finally see your 4-character registration code on the screen! 

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7. Enter Your Registration Code Before It Expires

Now that you have your registration code, you need to enter it! 

At the time of this writing, these codes expire after only one hour. So, you will need to jot it down quickly or input the code directly.

After doing so, your ecobee smart thermostat will link with your ecobee account. 

There are a couple of ways to register devices.

The simplest and recommended way is through your ecobee app. After making your account, you want to open the app and add a device

To do so, click on the plus sign in the top corner of the screen and choose the device you’re pairing.

Then, enter the registration code when prompted and answer the questions that follow (including naming your device). 

Here’s a YouTube video from Heating Green that helps explain this with a visual reference:

You can also pair the device through the ecobee website. 

What To Do if There’s No Registration Code

If you go through all these steps and still can’t find your code, it’s likely your device simply has to be reset.

This is especially likely if you bought your device pre-owned or received it second-hand. 

Some devices won’t display or generate codes after initial registration. Instead, you need to go into their settings and manually reset the registration process. 

One such device is the ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat (available on While the added steps may seem complicated, they are worth it. 

This thermostat is Energy Star certified, allowing you to save up to 23% on heating and cooling costs each year.

Given the savings on bills, the additional steps are well worth the time spent.

Resetting the registration process is relatively simple to do. 

From the above guide, skip to step 4 and open the main menu once again. However, instead of navigating to “Registration” next, click on “Reset.” 

From there, select “Reset Registration” and follow the prompts. 

Voila! You should see your code and a prompt to register your device after following your ecobee’s instructions.

Refer to step 7 of this guide if you need help with registration again. 


As advances in automation accelerate, ecobee and other smart thermostats continue improving too.

Ecobee’s are now even compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. The sooner you register your code, the sooner you can enjoy yours.