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Do Robot Lawn Mowers Get Stolen? 5 Device Security Facts

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Get Stolen

A robotic lawn mower helps you quickly and conveniently care for your lawn without you having to lift a finger.

Since it’s automated and runs unattended, does it get stolen? 

Robot lawn mowers don’t get stolen frequently because they’re retrofitted with security measures that make them hard or impractical to steal. Features like PIN lock protection, audible theft alarms, GPS tracking, and geofencing can keep them safe from thieves. 

Read on to learn more about the main security features that make it rare for robotic lawn mowers to get stolen.

I’ll also discuss what you can do to keep them extra safe.

5 Device Security Facts of Robot Lawn Mowers

A robot lawn mower is an expensive piece of lawn equipment that runs mainly on its own without supervision. 

Many robot lawn mowers get outfitted with security and anti-theft measures.

Some even have features that help you locate them if they ever get lost or stolen. 

Here are 5 of the main security features:

1. Robot Lawn Mowers Come With PIN Lock Protection 

A 4-digit pin code is a standard anti-theft measure that all robotic lawn mowers come with. 

You can’t operate your robotic lawn mower unless you enter the PIN provided when you purchased the device. 

Some robot lawn mowers will have an adjustable PIN that you can change as often as you’d like. 

While thieves may not be aware of this feature, it’s undoubtedly an effective way to discourage thievery.

The device is virtually useless without entering the specific 4-digit PIN. 

Lawn mowers with PIN protection also have a feature that locks the device when you enter an incorrect PIN a certain number of times.

When this happens, anyone will be unable to operate the device.

Other robotic lawn mowers will contain a time lock set, where you only have to enter the PIN once per day or week. 

However, you should require the PIN immediately to begin mowing the grass to keep your lawn mower secure.

The Husqvarna Automower 115H Robotic Lawn Mower from is an excellent robot lawn mower model that comes with featured 4-digit PIN protection.

The more advanced models also come with GPS tracking capabilities. 

2. Robot Lawn Mowers Have an Audible Theft Alarm Feature

Another feature of robot lawn mowers is an audible alarm, which is similar to a car alarm.

The noise alone should be enough to discourage anyone from stealing your device. 

The alarm typically activates during the following instances: 

  • You turned over the lawn mower for longer than a few seconds without entering its specified 4-digit PIN. 
  • The lawn mower has been a significant distance away from a pre-designated area of your property. 
  • You lifted the lawn mower while mowing without pushing the stop button and entering the 4-digit PIN.
  • The lawn mower was moved from its charging station without entering the 4-digit PIN. 

The audible theft alarm is a standard feature on many robot lawn mowers and can also be adjusted. 

3. Robot Lawn Mowers May Come With a GPS Tracking Function 

Many variations of robot lawn mowers come with a GPS function for a couple of reasons.

Many also come with an available bluetooth connection to your smartphone or computer.

  • A GPS allows you to control and navigate your lawn mower from an application on your smartphone. This lets you target specific areas of your lawn that you want to cut. 
  • GPS tracking also functions as a theft deterrent. However, if your automated lawn mower does get stolen, you can easily use the GPS function to locate and recover it.  

Purchasing a robotic lawn mower with a tracking and navigation feature is an excellent investment.

It would be helpful should your device ever become lost or stolen. 

I recommend getting the Worx Landroid S Robotic Lawn Mower from

It’s a powerful robotic lawn mower that comes with a “Find My Landroid” feature, specifically designed to locate the device. 

According to the product listing description, “Find my Landroid GPS is an anti-theft device that uses cellular data to track and lock down your Landroid if it’s removed from its mowing area.” 

4. Some Robot Lawn Mowers Use Geofencing Technology

Like the audible theft alarm, some models of robot lawn mowers use a technology known as geofencing.

It’ll create a “map” of the area your lawn mower should be mowing in. 

If the device moves out of bounds from its geofence, you can receive a notification on your smartphone or computer.

It’ll let you know that your robot lawn mower is somewhere it’s not supposed to be. 

The Husqvarna Automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower from is outfitted with geofencing.

With this feature, it’ll let you know where your mower is at all times. 

5. You Can Blacklist Your Robot Lawn Mower if It’s Stolen

Blacklist Your Robot Lawn Mower If It's Stolen

If your robot lawn mower gets stolen, you can contact the manufacturer and request to have the device blacklisted. 

So, if somebody takes the model to any repair service, the device will be tagged as stolen property. 

The repair service will refuse to repair the model in any form, and the authorities may be alerted. 

Not only will this prevent a thief from repairing your stolen property, you may also recover your robot lawn mower.

Why a Robot Lawn Mower Isn’t Likely To Be Stolen

Robot lawn mowers come with a surprising number of security features that make them hard to steal.

Many models come with PIN protection, an audible alarm, GPS tracking, and geofencing to deter thieves.

In addition, the size of a robotic lawn mower alone is a theft deterrent. Most robot lawn mowers don’t fit into the average trunk of a car. 

Robotic lawn mowers are also heavy, and therefore are challenging to snatch and run away with. 

How To Prevent Your Robot Lawn Mower From Being Stolen 

There are a couple of things you can do to amp up the existing security of your automated mower. 

Buy Anti-Theft Garages 

Certain shutter door garages only open when you schedule the robot to mow the lawn.

Other models close immediately after the mower has completed its cycle and returned safely to its charging station inside the garage. 

Some garages come as accessories when you purchase a robot lawn mower. 

You can get the WORX WA0810 Landroid Garage from as an accessory when you purchase the Worx WR165 Landroid S Robotic Lawn Mower.

The garage also protects your robot lawn mower from the weather, which is a bonus.

The Landroid can sense when it’s raining and will return to its garage until the rain has ceased. 

Install Outdoor Security Cameras 

Another way to monitor your robot lawn mower and ensure its security is with an outdoor visual security camera. 

I recommend the ​​Blink Outdoor Camera from This product is a superior choice for outdoor security.

It also takes only minutes to set up and can have up to a 2-year battery life. 

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Key Takeaways

A robot lawn mower is a helpful but expensive piece of technology that essentially runs around outside your home unattended.

However, robot lawn mowers rarely get stolen because they’re installed with security features.

This includes PIN protection, audible alarms, GPS tracking, and geofencing. 

It should be noted that not all models of robot or automated lawn mowers are outfitted with security features.

Newer and higher-end models are far more likely to come with the features necessary to protect your device. 

Additional measures like security cameras and robot lawn mower garages can help further discourage thieves from snatching your device.

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